I watch and like Chicago Fire.


9-1-1 is ok.


Station 19, not so much.


My radio partners are firefighters. One on the job now, one retired.

My brother-in-law is a firefighter. And, I even like him.

I’ve attended a few trainings with firefighters. Most of them are cool.

Here’s the problem though: I didn’t sign up to be a fire fighter. Not a big fan of fire and I hate heights.



Sometime ago, the Central Hudson Region Parent Teacher Association in NY had a breakfast meeting. It was promoted as a “. . . a direct conversation about our children’s education and safety with NY State Education leadership and your legislators. Be part of this crucial dialogue on March 10th!”.

Children’s safety in the educational environment. In the wake of Texas, and Florida and Utah and Alabama, seems logical that cops would be a part of that conversation.

Ramapo, NY Chief Weidel and the SRO L-T signed up, paid their money and even showed up!

Guess what? They were told that armed police “were not allowed to attend”.

Yes, you read that correctly. Armed coppers were not allowed to attend. Maybe unarmed coppers were?

But why, you might ask. Seems like a reasonable question. The answer seems to have come from snowflakes, “. . . the teacher claimed that armed uniformed police would make people uncomfortable at an educational event”.

The chief hopes that their local PTA denounces all this. I didn’t figure they would, however in an update, the New York State PTA did apologize. And supposedly removed this teacher “from the Region PTA committee structure.” Call me cynical, but I’ve seen how people like this are removed. They’re usually not.

I also wonder if all this, well the apology, occurred because of the social media dust up. Not to belittle that, and kudos to the Chief for posting this up. We need more chiefs and sheriffs to call out the dweebs and snowflakes who do and say this kind of Bravo Sierra.

The problem, of course, is whether this teacher was acting as a PTA representative or on their own, they’re not alone. Far too many people, politicians, teachers, the public, feel exactly like she does.

For example, a recent report from WBRC Channel 6 in Alabama shows that a clear majority of school districts in Jefferson County, AL failed to report a significant number of school incidents to law enforcement. Just as an example, one school system had 1700+ incidents and reported seven –SEVEN – to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Wanna bet how many of the other incidents warranted being reported to LE?

But it’s not just school personnel who are snowflakes. A recent report noted that a Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency copper, in uniform, was asked to disarm or leave a local restaurant because “… a woman felt scared for her life!” the officer wrote. “She said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot and the manager had to walk … her and her husband to their vehicle”.

Again, in the words of Tommy Flanagan, “Yeah, that’s the ticket”, a shootout in the parking lot. When has that ever occurred?

Oops. I forget. There was one in a Texas Twin Peaks parking lot … no, wait … silly me. That wasn’t the cops. That was Outlaw Motorcycle gangs. Of course, I’m guessing this snowflake Outback customer wouldn’t dream of eating at Twin Peaks. Or then again, she might feel safer there with the Motorcycle Gang than she did at Outback with a uniformed copper.

The Outback manager has apologized, and of course that’s not Outback’s policy, though according to the officer involved, it appears the manager checked with someone above her paygrade before asking he and his wife to leave. Ain’t that always the way?

Maybe all these teachers (and the blowback on arming teachers, voluntary in all cases, so far), these customers, these students, members of the community would all prefer we just be firefighters.

Let’s sit back and sleep ‘til we’re hungry and eat ‘til we’re tired. Watch TV, wash our patrol cars, do our school or extra job work, etc. just waiting for the next call. Which we then mount up, answer, and return to the station house.


I like firefighters, generally, I really do. I don’t want to be one though.

Do you?

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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