It is reported that there are currently just over 800,000 cops in the United States as I write this.   In addition, it is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 reserve / auxiliary cops in service.  Unfortunately, we are killing cops all too frequently.

As of August 17, 2017, there have been 79 officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country so far this year.

In 2016, 145 officers gave their lives in service to their communities.

In 2016, it is estimated that 140-150 cops took their own lives by suicide.

For the years spanning 2007 – 2016, the average number of officers who were assaulted in the performance of their duties was 50,000 – 60,000 each year.

That is a staggering set of numbers representing cops being killed or injured while they protect and serve each one of us.




Cops are being injured emotionally, too.  In the course of their daily lives they see things that most would avoid at all costs.  They see people in the worst of situations.

In my experience, there was nothing so horrible as when I witnessed a two-year old take his last breath.  His parents couldn’t be bothered to put him in his child seat before getting on the freeway.  Their family trip ended prematurely in a horrible traffic crash that took the toddler’s life needlessly.

Unfortunately, that is part of the job.

What isn’t part of the job:  having your leaders – whom you respect and depend on – throw you under the bus when times get tough.




There have been numerous high-profile incidents in the past few years.  Outfits like black lives matter have made preposterous claims about cops’ declaration of war and having a field day killing young black males.

The facts don’t support their wild-ass assertions.  Candy-assed politicians run for cover when BLM and their ilk start making noise – fearing they will be labeled a racist.

The upshot: the politicians and those who kiss their collective asses (like city managers and chiefs of police) turn their back on the cops whom they should be leading.  The time-old belief that your superiors, ‘have your back’ has been debunked too many times of late.

When the going gets tough, these so-called leaders run and hide.

Cops don’t have anyone they can depend on – except themselves.  They have witnessed their brothers thrown to the wolves too often.

Their leaders have betrayed them.   Cops don’t forget that.

The impact: cops pull back.  Their willingness to take risks and follow a hunch drops to zero.   We have watched cops who previously were eager to hit the street and ferret out the bad guys become cops who respond to calls for service and do little else.

Would you put yourself out there and take risks if your bosses are a bunch of snakes who are only interested in covering their own asses?   I wouldn’t, either.




Let’s look at a few incidents from recent years that have killed cops’ desire.

Incident #1 – July 16, 2009 Cambridge MA Sgt Crowley responds to a call reporting a suspicious person attempting to break into a nearby home.  Crowley ultimately arrests Professor Gates, who turns out to be the homeowner.   Prior to any investigation or statement of findings from the PD, our illustrious President says on national TV, “The police acted stupidly.”

That was the beginning of the collapse of leadership ethics.

Incident #2 – July 17, 2014 NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo arrests a combative Eric Garner for violating the law banning the sale of loose cigarettes.  Garner died. The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office attributed Garner’s death to a combination of a chokehold, compression of his chest, and poor health   The agency stripped Pantaleo of his gun and badge before any investigation was conducted.  A grand jury declined to bring charges, but the department hung him out on his own, anyway.

Incident #3  August 9, 2014 officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown when Brown tried to take Wilson’s gun and kill him.  Brown had a rap sheet as long as your arm.  Yet, the PD did little to support Wilson.  The feds sent people to the funeral of Brown.  As for Wilson: all the feds did was threaten charges for civil rights violation.

Wilson lost his career.  The agency didn’t defend him.  They let the wolves go after him on his own.

Incident #4  October  20, 2014  officer Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald.  Van Dyke is awaiting trial and has lost his job while the department brass let him swing on his own.

Incident #5  April 12-19, 2015  In the heat of a violent riot, Baltimore officers arrested Freddie Gray – a process Gray knew well from prior experience.  Six cops were ultimately charged by an out-of-control prosecutor.  After the first three were acquitted by a judge who berated the prosecutor, the charges against the remaining three were dropped.

There were four more events worth reporting.

In August, 2015, Chicago PD sold their soul to the ACLU by agreeing to have officers complete a two-page report on every instance where an officer made contact with a citizen.  Leaders were unable to explain why self-initiated contacts dropped 92% in the following months.  Go figure.

In other shooting incidents where the agencies did little (if anything) to defend their own, there was:

  • Officer Betty Shelby, Tulsa PD, September, 2016
  • Officer Bentley Vinson, Charlotte PD, September, 2016
  • Officer Mohamed Noor, Minneapolis PD, July, 2017

The killing of cops’ spirit and drive has happened much too often at the hands of leaders who failed miserably in the performance of their duties.

The list above contains only the most egregious.  But there have been hundreds – if not a few thousand – instances across the country where a cop’s life and/or career have been ruined by failed leaders.




Cops are a curious sort.   They are tuned-in and watch closely how their brothers are treated.

These officers all were engaged in very tough situations.  By and large, they responded in a manner that was consistent with their training.  However, when the lions came after them, their leaders left them stranded to defend themselves all alone.

Just as Peter denied Jesus when the going got tough (Matthew 26:34), so have these law enforcement “leaders” denied their own, in the same manner.

We have arrived at a point where cops are reluctant to put themselves out there.  Who could blame them?


When things go sideways and we need our leaders backing, all we get is a kick to the … groin.  I say: To Hell with them.

If your chief or sheriff is too busy being a politician to take care of you, they haven’t earned – and don’t deserve – a dedicated crew.

Happily, there are some very good leaders in our midst.  They deserve our praise and our hard work.  They have our backs.

These leaders know that we are risking our lives in order to protect the good people in our communities.  They appreciate our hard work and will back us up to the hilt.




In Chicago, proactive stops are down 92%.  The number of shootings and murders are sky-high outpacing New York and Los Angeles – COMBINED.

In Baltimore, the murder rate is also through the roof.  Police leadership continues to kiss the ass of the black thugs who are at the heart of the problem.  But, nobody has the balls to say so.

According to a recent article, the murder rates have jumped in may American cities:  Dallas, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Memphis are just a few.  This list is not complete.

Proactive police work is all but non-existent is many communities.

When asked, we listen to the national “leaders” when they are asked about the murder rate, the increase in crime and the drop-off in proactive police work.  Often the term, “Ferguson effect” is used in the questions.

Like a bunch of inane boobs, their response is, “We’re not sure,” or “There are many factors causing it,” or other equally stupid responses

Why are we at this juncture?  Ray Charles could see why.   It doesn’t take a genius.

Cops are fast learners.  They see how others are being treated when well-intentioned proactive work goes south.  Their reaction is simple:

“I won’t do that.”   Can you blame them?

Most cops long ago figured out that their paycheck is the same if they go out and dig up a bunch of arrests or if they hang back and do just the minimum amount necessary.

Anyone who wants to know the reason behind the current situation need look no further than the agency leadership and the politicians to whom they report.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.






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