It’s unfortunate and saddening to hear of the loss of a police K9.  Whether it is in the line of duty, natural causes or off-duty accident, it is an incredible loss, none the less.

The bond between handler and dog is one that develops in training and strengthens throughout their careers.  That relationship is one of mutual trust, loyalty, respect and love.


Trooper McGuckin + K9



“Jax is not only my partner, he’s my buddy. I depend on him just as much as he depends on me. The bond between us is so strong that he has risked his life to protect me with no regard for himself.”

Trooper Denis McGuckin, Michigan State Police






These furry partners aid and protect their human counterparts every day.

They perform numerous tasks such as: assisting in narcotics and explosives detection, tracking suspects and locating lost or vulnerable civilians.

They are trained in handler protection and will not hesitate to protect their partners from whatever threatens them.  Their worth is immeasurable, and their handlers know it better than anyone.


Dpty Ruzicka + K9



“It’s an irreplaceable relationship. He trusts everything I tell him to do. I can always rely on him to have my back …”

Deputy Frank Ruzicka, Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office





Some people will hear of the loss of a police K9 and say, “It’s just a dog!” I can guarantee you every K9 handler would disagree.

As the brother of a K9 handler, I can tell you how much the dog means to him.  They are partners. As partners, they understand that they both depend on each other every day.


Ofc Bozmer + K9



He’s the best partner I’ve ever had in my 30 years of police work. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal and fearless partner …”

Officer John Bozmer, Flint Police Department, [MI]






Some people will not understand that these dogs, while on duty, are not pets, but a vital tool in law enforcement. Nearly every K9 patrol vehicle has, “Caution, stay back police K9”, or some variation of that.

They are employed to do dangerous tasks, and at times, sacrifice themselves to save a human life.  K9’s do these things not for fame or fortune but for a “kong” or a ball, basically just for a toy.  That simple reward makes their day and drives them to keep performing the tasks asked of them.

Some, in the home setting, are just like normal pets who interact with the families, but once they “load up” for duty, it’s all business.  The accelerating engine, coupled with the siren, puts them on notice that “It’s time to go work!”

So, the next time you encounter a police K9, respect what they do and when they are injured or killed, remember they did their job without reservation or hesitation and most likely saved a life. For that, they deserve our respect and admiration.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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