I try to avoid politics when I write article for law enforcement. We have to deal with enough of that stuff in our daily lives.  However, there are some issues that I just cannot avoid and this week brought one of them to the forefront.  I am speaking of course about the issue surrounding Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC if you want to sound hip.

Congresswoman Cortez has been one of the largest supporters of the Defund the Police movement in our government.  She has constantly railed against law enforcement officers and pushed the false agenda that police officers go out and murder unarmed black citizens.

We all know that her claims are fictitious. But, she is pandering to a certain group of constituents so she can stay in power and not have to return to her bartending days.

Like most politicians, AOC has never spent a day on the streets as a police officer.  She has absolutely no idea what it is like to answer even the most mundane call for service, much less be involved in an incident that includes violence.  Still, this never stopped her from talking about officer involved shootings and how evil the officers involved were.

It did not stop her from making the same claim that every other politician out there has made: officers can’t just say they perceive violence if no violence is actually taking place.

In these instances, politicians believe that unless officers are actually in the process of dying, they have no right to defend themselves.  AOC, and those who preach the same theories, believe that officers should expect to die and face violence, because of their line of work.  I once had a person like this tell me that I should expect to be spit on, and accept it, because I was a police officer.  These people do not understand our motto, “Make sure you go home at the end of your shift.”

The same people also do not have the ability to understand the “fog of war.”  I’ve been involved in two deadly shootings in my career.  In both instances, I was asked how many times I shot the suspect.  In both, I had no idea.

I answered the way I was trained, “I shot until the suspect was no longer a threat.” In both cases, they pressed me for details I could not provide.  Sure, some of the details emerged later in time, but there are still parts of these incidents that I cannot recall.

Psychologists will explain that this is completely normal.  Mine explained that there are numerous reasons for this.

  • First, during the incident, your body enters survival mode.
  • Second, in order to help protect your mind from the trauma, your brain deletes certain aspects of the event.

It doesn’t take a shooting to have this happen, it happens during all traumatic events.  It is just part of human coping.

With few exceptions, politicians have never been able to grasp these concepts. In their typical Monday-morning-quarterbacking, from their comfy and safe offices, they feel it is a bogus excuse.  According to them, it is just a way for officers to get away with murder. They ridicule officers for “perceiving” danger and being too quick to respond to that danger.



Late last week, she decided to give a video statement detailing what transpired during the January 6th riots at the Capitol.  In her tear-filled statement, she talked about how she feared for her life as people screamed in the hallways and tried to bash in the door of her office.

She described hearing people yelling, “Where is she??!!

She stated she feared the end was coming and that there was nothing she could do about it.

It really was a dramatic video.

There is only one issue with her entire video. It was all a lie. A complete and total fabrication.

At the time riots were taking place at the Capitol, AOC was in her office, about 1/3rd of a mile away.  The Congressional Offices were being protected by police officers – the very ones that she demonizes on a regular basis. There were no rioters in that building.

Her entire story was fabricated. We shouldn’t be surprised; she has a long history of fabricating stories.

News of the false narrative was quick to come forward, as other Congressional members stepped forward and corrected her.  Most people would apologize for fabricating such stories and ask for forgiveness. Not AOC.  Instead, she has pushed on.

In new statements, she said she was giving the story as she “perceived” it.  She felt it was necessary for people to understand how she “felt” and what she “perceived” as events unfolded.

She went on to claim that the fear she felt was perpetuated by the officer who was there to protect her.  He had a “look in his eyes” and she didn’t know if he was there to harm her or not.

Seriously folks … I can’t make this stuff up.



This is the same person who has stated, “… perception is not enough for officers protecting themselves …”  Now, she wants us to believe that “her perception” of events should be enough for her to outright lie?

According to AOC, Officers who use deadly force to protect themselves from someone with a gun, knife, or substantial physical resistance should be prosecuted, unless they are actually in the moments of dying, because perception of the deadly threat isn’t enough.

However, a Congresswoman has the right to broadcast complete lies to everyone. It’s okay because it is how she perceived the events taking place.

AOC actually expects us to believe her reasoning, when will she get on the news and apologize to all of the officers she has demonized?

When will she step forward and tell politicians to stop demonizing law enforcement officers for something they do not understand?

Well, I know when:  when she decides to tell the truth and Hell freezes over.

Moral of the story: never worry about what politicians think!

Make sure you do what you need to do in order to go home safely at the end of your shift!

God Bless my Brothers and Sisters in Blue!  Stay safe!


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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