The war continues to rage against us as the common collective of humanity marches ever closer to the abyss. Every day this clandestine effort, led by the ultra-liberal left, claims yet another Guardian. Policies instituted to achieve the long term agenda of the lunatic left, leaves our society with huge tears in the very fabric on which America was founded.

The phrase “War On Police” has been the greatest injustice to us all. It made us feel like only we cops were the target and left everyone else thinking this fight is not about them. It has created an ‘us vs them’ mentality in which we now find law enforcement.

Perhaps instead we should call it “War On America” and consider ours (war on police) more a battle or campaign.

What has happened to us?  As a Nation, when did we turn?   Have the lessons of past history shown us nothing?  Will we ever regain our great nation?



We have learned throughout history that a nation spreading itself thin is a nation which cannot defend itself. We have seen mighty nations collapse based on open borders and open hearts. We have seen nations trying to dominate everything it sees and fall because it left its home weak.

We have also seen these principles outlined in “Rules for Radicals” written by Saul David Alinsky. The book outlines in detail a formula for America’s demise which is the game plan being executed by the lunatic fringes of our government. No longer is it Left vs Right but rather Good vs Evil. Both parties now appear to be North and South of each other on the same pole.

The basic principles on which our founding fathers based our nation’s foundation are being eroded by government overreach, forced policies, and executive orders. The individual rights enshrined in the Constitution are slowly being squeezed out of the frame of everyday life.

Over-sensationalized stories are regurgitated hourly to distract us from important issues or to add more emphasis on weak talking points to spin a narrative that is favorable for the Left’s agenda.

Politicians are using their office as a lifelong occupation and resisting constituents’ demands to work towards limiting terms so that politicians can maintain their position, like squatters in an abandoned building. There is a push from them to work less, travel more and not be accountable for their votes which ultimately go against the vast majority of the American people.



Our system has failed because we failed our system. It was our sole responsibility to ensure that we placed the right people into office; that we kept special interests out of politics and we held our leaders accountable for what they do or don’t do.


When we have politicians living in mansions, walled off from constituents, demanding our nation not build those same walls, we have failed. When we have elected members of government living outside of the voting district they represent, we failed.

Allowing members to pass bills before looking to see what’s in them, we failed. Letting government officials continually get voted into office is a failure. When we watch a Democratic presidential debate without a single American flag present, we have traveled too far down the wrong road.


We now live in a society that looks to punish our protectors and protect our deviants. A culture which berates officers and authority for reacting to violence and attacks, while demanding that lawbreakers have the right to resist and fight authority.

A government that feels it’s okay to turn its back on its citizens and embraces those who tread on our soil illegally. A system that authorizes free tuition for illegal aliens but, fails to authorize the same for Gold Star families.

We have seen our Nation tear down it’s monuments to coddle the emotionally weak in lieu of maintaining a testament to our past as both a reminder to our evils and a trophy to our pride.

The current war on police is a war against the common man. Weaken those who are sworn to protect you makes them ineffective. Drafting bail reform regulations which makes it easier for the criminal element to remain active. The criminals are active and are voting under the guise of social justice.

The emasculation of modern society and the war on our language makes for a scene out of “Demolition Man” rather than the America which we should aspire to be. Several cities have taken steps to follow in NYC’s footsteps and dismiss countless warrants and they have passed administrative regulations to mandate their law enforcement agencies withhold aid from federal agents such as DHS and ICE.

Schools are working overtime to indoctrinate our youth. They are rigging the system through Common Core to dumb down the brilliant and give false hope to the less fortunate.

Judges are releasing serial offenders to only have them strike again and those same judges have no worry for their future on the bench.

God has left our classrooms, our courthouses, and our society.

We have crafted a warped culture that rewards the broken home, accepts those without morals and elevates the ethically corrupt.


In our attempt to bring our nation back to its former glory let’s hold true to her founding:

  • Every elected office-holder is elected by the people and are to be there for the people.
  • Those who have been in office long enough that they act as though they are above us, are ready to be removed.
  • Speak the truth. Be not afraid or intimidated to speaking against the government’s agenda.
  • Stand strong in your faith and conviction, even though it may mean standing alone.
  • Live by example, let your words mean something and your promises be law.
  • Be patient, this happened over several generations, it will not turn back overnight.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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