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Imagine ….

You call the cops with a neighbor complaint: their dog has been barking all day long. Though you’ve asked for it to stop … the irritation continues.

You look out your front window as a patrol car pulls up. The officer then knocks at your door. You expect the formal introduction followed by a series of boring questions that only delays the inevitable.

After a short introduction, the officer commences talking like Jerry Seinfeld, “Do you know why dogs are such bad dancers?  Because they have two left feet.” The officer begins asking a few questions and before you know it, you and the cop are talking to the owner of the noisy canine.

Not regular cop stuff … oh well, maybe a little bit. But the jokes and funny quips continue until everyone is chuckling. Ultimately, you are shaking your neighbors’ hands and paws so that everyone walks away with a smile.



Andy Locklear retired from coppery after a career that started when he was 21 years old. It seems that what he really wanted was a career as a standup comedian. So, he started mixing the two.

He also did some occasional standup work but, now that he’s retired, that’s where he puts all of his attention.

In an interview with our Danny Watson, he shared that he has always likes for people around him to be happy. Joking and being a cut-up made that happen. For him, comedy is a relief; it’s the way he lets off steam.

Over the years, he practiced his own style of ‘Common Sense Law Enforcement,’ where he always tried to do the right thing – even though it’s not popular some times.

He shared a story about the funniest prank ever pulled on him. He reminded me of Ford’s 1987 cop car: when started, the air conditioner took a few seconds to actually begin blowing air – but it blew real hard.

Andy related a night shift when some of the guys on his crew carefully loaded up each of the A/C vents with a pile of graphite powder (or something like that). He was sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat when the A/C started blowing and he was covered in soot.

That’s enough from me. Watch the interview … and be prepared to smile A LOT.



 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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