The Democratic mayor of Chicago is calling every white citizen of this country a racist. She recently declared racism as the number one public health crisis in America.

From June 13th to the 19th, 127 people in Chicago have been shot and 21 have died. To date, 1777 people have been shot with 322 homicides. 82 percent of all gunshot victims and known offenders are black.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary of being Chicago’s leader. She simultaneously announced that she was not going to give interviews to any white reporters. She would only speak to black journalists.

Does anyone see a conflict here or any contradictions by Chicago’s progressive mayor?

Lightfoot is aggressively entertaining an all-out attack on Chicago’s police department as being systematically racists and in need of a complete overall. Her handpicked superintendent Brown recently declared everything was alright and there was no reason for fear. This came immediately after a female graduate student walking down the sidewalk in mid-day was stabbed to death in a senseless, unprovoked attack by an unknown black assailant.

Brown also, according to the police grapevine, demoted a district commander for refusing a direct order. Brown has a favorite dinning location and when the proprietor complained about unruly individuals harassing patrons outside the establishment, Superintendent Brown ordered the district commander to post a squad car out front to deter this unwanted activity. The commander being extremely short handed, refused this special treatment and was subsequently relieved of his command.

There are no automobile chases as they may lead to offenders being injured or killed. Foot chases, which account for the majority of gun arrests and confiscations, are prohibited. One third of all foot chases result in a gun recovery. The last two -foot chases resulted in the two offenders being shot and killed while posing a deadly threat to police offices, while running with guns in their hands. Offenders being harmed or killed is not acceptable. No mention of officers being in harm’s way. No more foot chases!

The latest attack on the police department is that they are not adequately trained in de-escalation techniques. Officers are trained in self-protection and the use of provided equipment to protect the citizens of Chicago. Officers are so undermanned that the incompetent mayor and her superintendent have once again ordered all days off cancelled and the entire police department on 12-hour days. This ‘all-in’ style of police effort has several faults. It completely drains the officers of any energy working in the recent 85-degree days. It morally defeats the officers on a daily basis not being able to see family and friends. It was the direct cause of hundreds, if not thousands of officers of falling ill to Covid, and in turn bringing that deadly virus home to their families. And finally, in direct contrast to the BLM complaints, in service training is impossible due to the dangerous lack of manpower on the streets.

The continued dribble about the disproportional amount of black people being arrested is another false narrative being pushed by the anti-police groups and Chicago’s esteemed mayor. The arrest and incarceration numbers run exactly parallel to the amount of crime directly caused by black criminals. Blacks cause 85 percent of all violent crime in Chicago. Male backs represent 6 percent of the American population but commit over 50 percent of all murders in the U S. This is why the black districts are policed at a higher level than white neighborhoods. But! Chicago police are called racist everyday they arrest a black man for murder, carjacking, or robbery. And, this false narrative is propelled by Chicago’s mayor Lightfoot and her race bating rhetoric.

Chicago’s black neighborhoods are shooting galleries. Downtown Chicago and the Magnificent Mile, both at one time worldwide tourist attractions are now weekend battlegrounds. The highways running through Chicago have shootings on a regular basis. Portions of the west and south sides more resemble Iraq than a modern American city. And still, the mayor and the race bating groups continue to blame systematic racism on the men and women of the Chicago Police Department.

The stress levels of the street officers are at an historic level and are displayed statistically. Arrests are down from 151,000 in 2011 to 52,000 in 2020. The use of force by Chicago Police Officers fell from 106 police related shootings in 2011 to 36 shooting in 2020. These reduced numbers should be applauded but, homicides in Chicago were up 50 percent from 2019 to 2020, and shootings for 2021 have risen 18 percent while murders are up 5 percent over the last year. These numbers are in line with a defeated police department afraid to do proactive police work because they are targets of the mayor and her progressive ideology.

The Chicago Police Department has been overstretched and undermanned for years. Retirements and resignations are at an all-time high. Officers are leaving and being immediately hired by other police agencies anxious to received such competent police officers.

Continually blaming police officers for the failings of society is bearing negative consequences. Police are fed up and calling it quits in Chicago. The lack of family values and the disregard for human life and what they breed are being blamed on police officers. Common decency and the lack of morals coupled with fatherless homes are the cause of society’s problems, NOT the phony rhetoric of systemic racism.

Last one out of the city, turn out the lights.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “
We couldn’t agree more.


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