I’m a retired 63-year-old, overweight, male white, who was raised Catholic but hasn’t seen the inside of a church in several years.  Oh, and I’m conservative in my beliefs and behavior.  That clearly classifies me as a racist, misogynist, and privileged.  To make matters worse I was a Chicago Police officer for 30 years.

In the eyes of most modern liberals or liberal-leaning people, I am one of Satan’s minions, perhaps Baphomet or Beelzebub.  The left-wingers will be ready to flee back to Mother’s basement fully expecting me to incapable of reflecting in a mirror.

They will be disappointed to not find the mark of the beast tattooed on my head.  I don’t have any tattoos, anywhere, besides it is very easy to see most of my scalp.  Genetic reasons and age came into play for that.

Some people might be bothered by that.  I’m not.  I came to realize a while back that I know the kind of person I am.  My friends and former co-workers know the person I am.  My family knows the kind of person I am.  I’m happy with that.  Actually, I’m content with it.  If you don’t care for the kind of person I am, that’s not my problem.  It’s yours.

I’ve tried to live my life by the Golden Rule and Ten Commandments. Keep in mind I’m not a fanatic about them. I’m not now or ever been a saint. I have tried to be loyal and fair to my friends and family.  I’ve made mistakes and once realized, I’ve tried to correct the problems as best I can.  In simple terms, I’m not perfect but I am closer to that end of the scale than the other.

I’ve also dealt with people from the other extreme who were evil and nasty.  That was my job and I think I did it well.  I also tried and continue to try passing these ideals on to my sons.  They’re now men in their own right and make their own decisions.

So, if it makes you feel better to call me a racist, a misogynist, or privileged white then knock your socks off.  You might not get the rise out of me that you expect because I probably don’t care about your opinion.

Because of my career choice, I find that I am surrounded by like-minded people.  Most of my friends are the same.  We’ve gotten this way over the years because we’ve fought the good fight and continue to do so when we can.  We’ve been cursed at, insulted and spit upon.  We’ve been threatened and attacked. In the end, we go home and sleep with a clear conscious.

If I were offered a do-over, a Mulligan, I would take it and change a few things.  I would correct a few mistakes, but I wouldn’t want to change the man I am.  There are a few financial issues I might correct.

I’m sure that the same goes for an awful lot of police officers around our country.  They get up each day put on their uniform, check their sidearm and put it in the holster and go to work.  Even when insulted or spit upon, they go about their business doing their job without or rather despite the insults and lack of support from their leadership and communities they patrol.

They know what kind of person they are.  Their families and friends and co-workers know what kind of person they are and that is all that matters.

I’m sure there are others who feel the same way who are not police officers.  However, I think it’s a character trait that either draws one to law enforcement or is learned as an officer.  It may be a natural coping mechanism that enables us to go out each day serving and protecting the very same people who insult and spew hatred towards police.

When you stop and think about it, I’m sure that if you are an officer, you feel the same as I do.  You know who you are.  God bless you and keep you safe until you return to your family.

Stay safe everyone, run low and zigzag.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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