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 As hard and fast as you can. Dispatch breathlessly sent you to a DV in trailer park where you’ve been a hundred times before. Seems the park owners will rent to anyone who can pay – without much concern about the source of the cash.

Married couple; male half has the female by the throat; up against the wall; her blood-curdling screams are growing softer because he’s choking her out. Dispatch notifies you: there are guns in the home. Oh shit!  Just what I need.

You’re trying to watch for cross-traffic as you message your zone partner: how far?  (Translation: how far out are you in minutes?) Your heart is pounding and you are breathing heavy as the adrenalin in your bloodstream goes up like a Saturn rocket.



You breathlessly notify dispatch you’re on scene. Your partner is with you. Decisions about the approach are made quickly because the fem’s time is running out.

You scan the scene for something you can use for cover if the shit hits the fan. Your partner picks a large Edison power transformer that’s planted in the front of the lot. It’s plenty big enough for him.

You?  You decide on the 8×8 metal shed toward the rear of the lot. You figure you can get behind it or duck inside because the sliding doors are ajar.



It’s time to stop the action in this tale. A flimsy metal tool shed that’s already rusted in some spots?  You’re going to use that to save your butt from the asshole’s rounds? Better think again, Brother.

A well placed BB pellet could pierce that skin.

This is a video reminder for all of our brothers. Danny and Ben will show you exactly what can happen to your backside if you pick cover that’s not up to the job.

Always remember: this ain’t TV and there are no guarantees that you won’t leave this scene in a box.

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“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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