Earlier this month, a man was murdered during a demonstration. He was gunned down. In the middle of downtown.

How did Portland’s City Council respond? Some tweets. Some press conferences. Lots of words. But we didn’t see leadership. We didn’t see results.


Instead, the violence continues.

A few nights ago, we almost had another murder on our streets when two individuals associated with nearby demonstrations got into an altercation, with one shooting the other. Last night, multiple Molotov cocktails were thrown at police officers; one officer was hit and narrowly escaped serious injury.


This weekend, our City is bracing for what could be widespread violence from dueling protests. When thousands of far-right and far-left combatants –   armed with guns, knives, and explosives – face off in North Portland on Saturday, what will Mayor Wheeler allow our police officers to do to keep the peace?


Mayor Wheeler has already banned the one essential tool that we had to disperse violent rioters when lives are in danger. Banning CS gas from use in the most limited of circumstances – like when Molotov cocktails are thrown or guns fired by demonstrators – is so mind-numbingly reckless that the Governor’s top cop at State Police and our elected County Sheriff won’t help this weekend.


Think about that: our top police executives are telling the Mayor that his decision to ban CS gas is wrong and will result in civilians and officers getting hurt or even killed.


The men and women of the Portland Police Bureau will do everything in their power to keep the peace in our City. If any of our community members or officers are hurt or killed, we will hold our elected officials responsible.

Reckless public policy has real consequences. You’ve had your chance to lead. You’ve failed to do so. I pray that our City is spared from further violence this weekend.

Daryl Turner, President – Portland Police Association

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


Editor’s Note:  We decided to run this article which had been published in the Portland Police Association’s online member newsletter. The reason why is simple: there are many cities and many thousands of our Brothers & Sisters who are having to cope with inept, ill-informed, self-serving politicians each day. These elected assholes have shown they will do and say anything if it serves their own political agenda – including endangering their own cops – if it will curry momentary favor with law-breaking voters. Shameful, to say the least.

This article was previously published by the Portland Police Association.

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To our BROTHERS and SISTERS in BLUE:   We have now arrived at the time in the ELECTION SEASON when each of us MUST pay close attention to what candidates are saying. Every person we elect in November can affect our lives as cops.  Will we THRIVE, just get by or will we DIE?

  • Consider the disaster created in New York by Mayor Bill DiBlasio.
  • Look at the number of cops who have been critically injured by the Portland District Attorney, Mike Schmidt.
  • We cannot ignore how cops have been blamed for the problems in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Baltimore and other cities where civilization has damned near crumbled.
  • Don’t think that school boards are immune. Last Saturday, Steven Lysenko of Spencerport High School, went on a tirade against police officers for targeting protesters in Rochester by yelling, “Fuck the Police!”
  • Last, but most important, is the top job: the Presidency. Electing Joe Biden would have a horribly deep, permanent and (in some cases) fatal effect on every cop in the nation.






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