In the interest of keeping my brother officers happy and with their families, I always volunteered to work holidays for them, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  My sisters lived elsewhere and my parents were deceased, so rather that stay home and stare at the television or the four walls (the latter was sometimes more interesting), I would work.

Holiday calls generally are combinations of heart attacks and family fights. In other words, people eat too much and drink too much.




One call I distinctly remember was on Thanksgiving. It was years ago when I was called to a residence for a “Violation of an Order of Protection.”  I walked in the front door, led by the ex-wife, to a family dinner with her ex-husband seated and enjoying conversation with his children (between the ages of four and ten) and a table full of food.

The ex-husband took one look at me. (It was very similar to the look Luke Skywalker gave when first seeing Darth Vader directly in front of him.)  At that point, his ex-wife hands me the OP (Order of Protection) telling me “…arrest him.  He’s not supposed to be here.”

I immediately checked to see the date and if it was signed by a Judge.  It was in force, valid and signed.  I looked at the ex-husband, with his mouth full of turkey, who said to me “She INVITED ME HERE!

We exchanged comments about how this is a “stay away” order, etc. and all the time, his ex-wife had a look on her face like “the cat that ate the canary.”  She again said “arrest him.”

Not wanting to put handcuffs on him right in front of his children, I simply said, “Sir, let’s go.”  He got up, kissed his children and we walked out the front door.  I asked him where he was parked and he motioned down the street.  He then asked me if he was going to be arrested.  I said “No.  Just leave and stay away from your ex-wife.”

To me, it was a clear case of entrapment.  I even called my Chief and I was somewhat amazed to hear him say he would have done the same thing.




On one Christmas Day, very early in the morning, I happened to be posted at an intersection when a vehicle passed me at a very high rate of speed.

I pursued and stopped it. The driver turned out to be a priest on his way to a Mass he was expected to offer at a local church.

He was quite late.


He was very apologetic and explained his lateness. I gave him back his information and said, “Dominus vobiscum,” (God be with you) which called upon my Latin and years as an altar boy. He responded, “et cum spiritu tuo,” (and also with you).

We both laughed and wished each other a Merry Christmas.  I think he was more surprised to hear Latin than he was with me allowing him to proceed without a speeding ticket!




If someone would give me just one penny for every motorist who told me that they believed that the vehicle and traffic laws were suspended on holidays.

I cannot count the times a vehicle would be stopped for speeding, passing a stop sign without stopping, or failing to stop at a red light.  The driver was surprised that, even though it was a holiday, he would be stopped for his violation.  The comments ranged from,

  • But it’s Christmas …
  • But it’s a holiday …
  • Tomorrow it’s New Year’s!
  • Boy, you guys don’t stop do you?
  • What? You people have a quota?
  • Why aren’t you home with YOUR family?

Some of their comments were even more insulting and the invective more direct than others. No matter. I forgave them, telling them that there is no suspension of the Vehicle & Traffic Laws due to a holiday, impending holiday or public celebration.

They usually apologized, we exchanged well wishes for the New Year and no ticket was issued.




I hope all our readers have a very happy New Year and that 2020 brings with it success, health and happiness.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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