Maniacs with guns aren’t going to be stopped by more laws. Evil men and women aren’t going to suddenly just stop being evil. So, for the gullible idiots in the media and the lost in the general public I am going to try to clue you in just a little.



Osama Bin Laden carried out a scheme to blow up buildings in our country. He killed thousands of people through his evil. He did all of this even though there are very strong laws against such acts.

Drug dealers in the United States and outside of the United States bring poison into our country every day. They do this even though we have strong laws against drugs.

Wishing these types of people away does not make that happen. What stops them are strong people in law enforcement and the military who stop them on our behalf. Even when we do stop them, more come like weeds in a garden.

How do we protect ourselves? By training and equipping those who protect us to get the job done effectively.



Can you prevent bad things from happening? There are things that can be prevented and things that just can’t. If a person is determined to give up their own life in the attempt to take someone else’s life, it is almost impossible to stop.

What can we do?

We could take the approach of taking everyone’s guns from them. I don’t think that is realistic or feasible in any sense whatsoever. Perhaps we should continue to train our law enforcement officers and equip them to combat the threat if it arises.



We could adopt a more stringent background investigation process for the purchase of guns. That sounds like a pretty good plan.

What criteria do we use to prevent the potentially dangerous from possessing firearms? I am not sure that you can find one that will come close to eliminating future threats any more than background checks already do.


We could set up hotlines to police agencies to voice concerns about the people we believe could become an active shooter. What police agency could or would act on this type of information without corroboration or without proof?

Do you really think any responsible cops are going climb out on that limb?



Let’s go down a rabbit hole where we are now informing on people who we find weird.

How are we going to do that? Are you going to allow them to remain completely anonymous? Oh yeah, that sounds like a good and well thought-out plan.

Kind of sounds like you want the police to have the power to check someone out just based upon a hunch or an opinion. Maybe they could be checked because they are not very sociable or maybe because they are an introvert. Maybe it’s just because you don’t like them.

Do any of those reasons sound like one to give the police the authority to hound a person to death?



“My rights, my rights, my rights,” seem to be a common refrain. In fact, that is what this is all about. People do have the right to possess firearms in our country. They have had that right and I don’t see that going away any time soon.

The approach we should be taking is to try and figure out what is motivating these people to do what they do. We need to equip law enforcement with the tools necessary to stop them before bad stuff happens.

Are we going to be able to stop every bad thing from happening?  Absolutely not!



If we really want to change what is going on with these mass shootings, we need to address the mental health issues that are obviously plaguing most of these people. We need to train and equip our law enforcement officers to deal with the problem in an effective way that saves lives.

We can blame DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS all we want but it is not a POLITICAL problem it’s an AMERICAN problem.

It’s about time that we stopped pointing figures and get this problem under control.

So, HERE’S THE DEAL, stop talking about it and start doing something about it. Problem discussed, problem identified, so … Now, DO SOMETHING!

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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