Editor’s Note:  This article was originally printed a few years ago, but it seems more needed and relevant today than ever. Please, Brothers & Sisters in Blue: please have each other’s six and be street-smart above all else.

NYPD OFFICER MIOSOTIS FAMILIA,   48 years old, 12 years on the job,  ASSASSINATED.   EOW: July 5, 2017, 0030 hours

It was shortly after midnight.  Ofc. Familia was sitting in a marked NYPD unit with her partner.  The two were working a special detail.

A Black Male walked “purposefully” toward the vehicle and shot Ofc Familia in the head.   No prior contact.   No provocation.  Nothing.

I wonder if there will demonstrations across the country that are laced with violence expressing dismay that a black thug took the life of a Hispanic female in a line of duty police shooting?  I won’t hold my breath.

The statistics indicate that there is a horrible national plague of young black males committing acts of homicide.   I wonder …

Ofc. Familia – though I never met her – was my Sister in Blue.   She was part of my family.   As is frequently said at a cop’s death, “When one of us goes, they take a little piece of the rest of us with them.”



The rest of this article will not be politically correct.  Some readers may consider it racially insensitive.   Tough.  Right now, I couldn’t care less about being delicate.   Our Brotherhood is grieving the death of fellow cop that it should not have to endure.  The crybabies whining about racial issues can go to Hell.  This is about behavior; it has nothing to do with color.



WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS?   What I’m about to say does not apply to all of them.  We have a few – very few – really great leaders.   They are kickass kind of guys.  I would welcome the chance to be on their teams any day.   Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is still a cop, through and through.  And when I think of Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, I know his men would follow him to Hell and back.

These leaders are the rare exception, unfortunately.

I look at the nationally known “leaders” of various big cities and most of the people at the top are clueless.  They are excellent at getting in front of TV cameras. Our local sheriff (Chitwood) is one of those guys.  They show up on the elite law enforcement panels at conferences around the country.  The only thing they do really well is stay in the public eye.

It happens in small departments, too.  There is a local agency of about twenty-five.  The chief’s only known skill is kissing the ass of the City Manager.   His cops wouldn’t follow him out of a burning building.

These people are in charge, and I wonder:

  • When was the last time you made a traffic stop and wrote a ticket?
  • When did you last clear a room?
  • When did you last work at least a four-hour shift in patrol?
  • When was the last time you responded to a Domestic Violence call?
  • When did you last write an incident report?
  • When did you last respond to a call for a suspicious person and have to determine on the spot if the subject was drunk, mentally challenged, high on drugs or something else?
  • When did you last face a subject who had a weapon they used against you?
  • When did you last have to use force on a subject?

The reality is that most of our “leaders” couldn’t accurately answer any of these questions because it has been too long for them to remember.  Any response would be a guess on their part.

Policing changes every day as evidenced by the memos that are reviewed at roll call over the course of any given week.  The job is constantly being altered by the environment, by the legislative process and by the Courts.

In most cases, the Chief or the Sheriff is only a cop on paper.  In reality, they have become politicians.   They know how to look real pretty at the City Council meetings, but don’t ask them how to log on to an in-car computer and actually use it.



In recent days, many cities have witnessed citizen demonstrations on a variety of issues:  Black Lives Matter, the Presidential election and others.   All too often, the cops have been ordered by their ‘leaders’ to look weak and flimsy.    Of course, it’s not said that way.   Cops are told not to use their personal protective gear, their helmets and maybe, not to stand too close to the demonstrators.

After all, they say, they don’t want to incite violence in the crowd.  Maybe looking like a serious cop is frowned upon in the elite circles, now.

Remember President Reagan’s philosophy?  ‘Peace through strength’

Allow me to use some ridiculous statements in order to make my point.

Suppose that during WWII, in General Eisenhower’s planning of D-Day, he chose to scale back the invasion force so that we didn’t anger the German forces and incite a larger battle?                                                                                                                                                                       

Maybe when the Atomic Bombs were being readied for use on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War II, we reduced the strength way down so the bombs would only take out a couple of city blocks.  Again, it could be reasoned, we didn’t need to overly anger the Japanese.

Then there was the July, 1967 riots in the City of Detroit.  I lived there and was in the midst of it.  After the third day of a Mayor who didn’t want to anger his black constituency, the Governor and President sent in the military:  tanks, armored personnel carriers and the like.   Anyone caught on the street after curfew (8:00PM), would be shot on sight.  No questions asked.   Riot over.  Instantly.

It has now come to light that last summer, the Dallas cops were told “DON’T WEAR YOUR PROTECTIVE GEAR OR HELMETS.”  The leaders didn’t want to make the crowds angry or incite violence.   FIVE COPS DEAD AND NINE COPS INJURED.

In April of 20116, Baltimore cops reportedly received a similar order.  They were also told to “stand back” and give the demonstrators space to display their anger.  The city burned – badly.   OVER 100 COPS WERE INJURED.



The people at the top of the food chain seem to have been stricken with a serious case of “Head-Up-Their-Ass” syndrome.

Peaceful demonstrations have a legitimate purpose.  Free speech is outstanding.  Gatherings of citizens for any peaceful reason should be encouraged.

HOWEVER, Violence is inexcusable.

It is no secret that the U.S. has endured unprecedented turmoil over recent weeks and months.   IMHO, violent outbreaks at public events should be crushed with overwhelming force immediately.

Possibly, inciting violence at a public gathering / event should be a capital crime.  Persons convicted of violent acts in the course of a public gathering, should be executed by hanging in the public square.  That kind of severe, public punishment kept the American society on the straight-and-narrow in the early years.  So, why not now?

This bullshit must end.



 In March, 2016 the Police Executive Research Forum hosted a conclave of the nationally recognized clueless leaders.  The goal was to develop a list of ideas that will improve the Use of Force in policing.   These eggheads produced a real piece of work.

One doesn’t need to read much of it to realize that it was created by a group of folks who likely wouldn’t recognize the inside of a patrol car if they were sitting in one.   Here are a few of the genius ideas which came from the group:

  • Agencies should develop policies on use of force which exceed the precise terms established by the Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor. As though the ruling and the years following lacked clarity.
  • Agencies should adopt de-escalation as a formal policy.
  • Shooting at vehicles must be prohibited under all circumstances.
  • De-escalation should be the core theme of an agency’s training program.

The list of the remaining twenty-six nonsensical suggestions blathers on with endless nonsense.  NOWHERE in the entire list is there so much as a single word about how to improve officer safety.

The politically correct crowd won.   We cops lost.  Again.  Pure and simple.



Law abiding citizens should not be forced endure the current wave of public violence.   The results are in and are irrefutable: citizens must accept that they are their own first-line of defense.

More and more, citizens are being encouraged to prepare to defend themselves.   The Chief of Police in Detroit recently recommended that law-abiding citizens in his city follow the law and become proficient gun owners.  Since then, crimes have dropped dramatically.  As has been said many times:  when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

As cops, we know too well, that we cannot be everywhere at once.  We most often respond to crimes after-the-fact.  It is not very often that we are present and can prevent a crime before it happens.   Civilians need not accept unlawful behavior by the thugs in their midst.

TO EVERYONE:  Stand tall and be proud.  Be an honest, patriotic American.




When the police use less than full-force in extreme situations, it makes us look weak.  Bad guys will take advantage of us.

IMHO, those who break the law should be deathly afraid of the police.  They should view us as a group who will shred them without mercy if they are caught breaking the law.

The violent actors in the current wave of large-scale demonstrations should be our first targets.  Those people are challenging the Constitution and the rights enumerated therein for all.  A case could be made that these people are committing acts of war against the United States.  We need to take them out.

It’s our fight and now is the time to take it to the bitter end.  We must never give up.

This is dedicated to the memory of OFFICER MIOSOTIS FAMILIA.  EOW: 07/05/17.  Rest in Peace.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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