God didn’t allow this massacre to happen.   A man made it happen.

Let’s go back to Genesis – the first book in the Bible.  The story of creation found there says that God created man in His image with a brain and free will of his own.

Do you recall the story there of Eve eating the forbidden fruit?  She directly disobeyed God’s instructions.  The Bible goes on to tell us that man has suffered ever since, as a result of that disobedience.

If one reads a little further in Genesis, we learn of the birth of Cain and Abel who were two sons of Adam and Eve.

Cain murdered Abel as a result of Cain’s envy of Abel.

God didn’t “allow” those two acts by man, either.

God created man with a brain that can think.  It can reason.   Our brains can employ logic – although we cops too often see examples of humans who appear to have been short-changed in this area.

We know that envy is the motive behind Cain’s murder of Abel.  We may never know the motive behind the killer’s actions in Las Vegas.




We are always reminded about how humans react en masse when bad stuff happens.  One of the newscasters said today, “When the worst happens, the best of humanity rises to help those in need.”

Something in my gut tells me our human reaction is no accident or coincidence.  I believe that God put it in us.

While most people were running away from the danger at the country music festival, the cops ran toward it.  Off-duty officers saved more lives than we will ever know.

According to a recent PoliceOne article, officer Fred Rowbortham of Chula Visa, CA sprang into action as if he were in uniform along with many other off-duty cops in the crowd of 21,000.  Rowbortham said his instincts took over.  I understand that.

San Diego cop Tom McGrath threw himself on top of strangers to shield them.  He said later, “The switch flipped at that point.”

Sgt. Michael Gonzalez of Santa Ana, CA was at the concert, too.  He used a stethoscope as a tourniquet for a wounded woman.

During his Wednesday visit, President Trump said, “While everyone else was crouching, cops were standing up as targets just trying to direct people and tell them where to go.  Words cannot describe the bravery the whole world witnessed Sunday night.”


Just as the words of our oath remind us, cops should be like a lamp in the night – or a lighthouse in a storm.

We are called by God to love and help others – especially when rotten things are happening around us.

These are honest events.  The whole country witnessed how the cops in the midst of the concert audience rose up with little concern for their own safety. They worked hard to protect all they could without concern for skin color, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.

Saving lives was all that mattered to these heroes.




Remember Ferguson?  Recall the proven-false narrative:  “Hands up – Don’t Shoot?”   It never happened?

Remember Freddie Gray?  The Baltimore thug who died as a result of self-inflicted injuries?

Then, think of outfits like Black Lives Matter and their cohorts who have endlessly chanted the mantra that cops are guilty of institutional racism?

Recall the incessant claims that black people are treated poorly by cops in comparison to the way cops treat white people?

Of course, there is the Left and the Lamestream Media who are constantly whining about the plight of the poor black folks who are mistreated by cops everywhere.  You remember that, don’t you?

Most recently, there are the NFL’s professional brats who have disrespected America, its flag, its National Anthem, and those serving in uniform because cops everywhere don’t treat black people the same as they treat white folks.


It was quite evident as we watched the tapes recounting first responders saving the lives of everyone they could reach during the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday night.

You saw the cops helping the white people while turning their backs on the black people, didn’t you?

I didn’t either.



Remember this: cops alter their treatment of citizens because they must.  And it has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with how those people behave.  Period.

In a situation like we experienced in Las Vegas happens, every cop has only two thoughts:

#1  How can I save (or protect) the most people, possible?

#2  How can I safely make it home to my family?

Skin color would NEVER cross our minds.




I believe that some people are inherently evil in their behavior.  Think of the killer who sprayed deadly bullets on a crowd of 21,000 people who were enjoying a country music concern in Las Vegas.


I also believe that others have good instilled in them by their Maker:  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.  Matthew 5:9.

Charleston Hartfield, an off-duty Las Vegas police officer and recently published author of a memoir about life on the force, was killed Sunday night in the mass shooting on the Strip.   He was a Dad and a Coach.

That Sunday night in Las Vegas showed our TRUE COLORS.

Working at our sides were doctors, nurses, fireman, EMTs, average citizens and others who were there to do God’s work.




Make note of the cops who were there.  Why?   Because for the past few years, cops across the nation have been under attack.  Everything they do has been put under a microscope.   Civilians have quickly jumped at [wrong] conclusions.  They have been ready to attack anything and everything a cop does.

But, look at the agencies where the hero cops came from:

  • Las Vegas
  • North Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Clark County

Off-duty officers from:

  • Minneapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Ontario
  • San Diego


Officers who are full-time, reserve, active, retired and of every stripe imaginable jumped in to help.  There was little concern for their own safety.

Every cop ran toward the gunfire or gave cover to citizens under attack.




We wanted to help the masses and we tried to reach every person in need.

Family bonded in BLUE

We are a family.

We share one heart.

We have all been trained in the same methods and tactics.

Our love for one another runs very deep.

Our primary job is to PROTECT THE AMERICAN FAMILY.

We don’t seek self-glorification.  Our reward is seeing our fellow Americans survive and thrive.

Sometimes, our goal of caring for others requires that we remove those who threaten their safety or wellbeing.  Occasionally, when the situation demands, force is necessary.  Very rarely, that force is deadly.

That is not what we WANT to do; it is what we MUST do to protect the others.

Just that kind of situation unfolded in Las Vegas, Sunday night for all to see and hear.

Our role has been discussed and recognized widely over the days following that tragic night.  For that, we are grateful.




When you see people protesting and raising a ruckus while claiming that some person or group has been mistreated by cops – think of Las Vegas and the 21,000 people we cops tried to save and protect.

Some of us lost our own lives while making that valiant effort.

Cop carrying Harvey victim

Remember our efforts in Houston when Harvey arrived.

Remember our efforts in Florida when Irma went through.

Think of what the cops did to save others in San Bernardino.

Reflect on my brothers and sisters and their response to the horrific situation at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

For cops, it’s not about a person’s skin color.

It about their behavior.

In Las Vegas we worked to save 21,000 while a few of us tried to take out the one evil person who was harming all the others.  I suppose if the killer were still alive, he might claim he was ‘mistreated’ by the cops.

What do you think?  Please share your thoughts in the COMMENT section at the end of this article.

Our job is to eliminate anyone who threatens the good people of this world.

My brothers in blue love what we do and who we do it for.

REMEMBER:  At the bottom line, it’s about saving just ONE life.







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