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Folks Like to Hide Lots of Things in Their Car …

Just Don’t Use a Car to Hide YOU From Gunfire



Can be a lot of fun for a young, amorous couple who are parked in a car late at night in a neighborhood park. That is, until the patrol cop makes a swing through after the park is supposed to be closed … just to ensure that there is no one hanging on after closing. But,



 And live rounds are coming at you, it is critical that you know instinctively whether a car door provides cover or just concealment. There won’t be time to pull out your phone to check Google for the answer. A mistake at this point can leave you looking like Swiss cheese while your blood and blue families think the pain/ache the feel will never go away.

THIS WEEK, the CopBlue Guru (Danny Watson) and his sidekick (Big Ben) will bring their favorite toys to the range to demonstrate what a round can do to a car door. It may leave your jaw on the floor.

Don’t think for a bloody second that a standard police vehicle door gives you any protection from incoming rounds, at all. You may as well stand behind a sheet of paper.

Rumor has it that Big Ben can spit rounds at a car door and leave it in shambles. You’ll have to watch and see if that’s true.

It all goes back to knowing instantly what is COVER versus what is CONCEALMENT.  This is video number two in a series of four.




“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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