When rookies hit the street for those first five years, or so, they do it with a vigor that is unmatched by most of the veteran ranks. Like puppies, they are into basically everything and you must keep your eyes on them every single second of the shift.

There was always a great deal of joy for me as an investigator and as a chief when new officers came on board. Obviously, there were equal parts of worry and apprehension that goes along with that joy.



This really has nothing to do for the most part with human police officers at all. Rather, this is about the furry ones. They are loyal to a fault. They come to work every single day with a singlemindedness that no human could ever muster.

They are truly the most fierce and fearless of all police officers. There is no guile in them. They don’t come to work worrying about a single thing but catching the bad guys. They don’t care if it’s by running them down, finding their drugs or items used in the commission of their crimes.

They live to serve, and their hearts beat for that very purpose.



I have yet to see a K-9 indicted for taking money. I have yet to see a K-9 indicted for any crime. I have yet to see one that has cowered from its duty, even when it comes to laying down their lives for their human partner.

There is not a single human that I have ever met that was so loyal and so true. Far too many times I have seen humans who have let down their four-legged partners by leaving them in hot patrol car.

If this careless action did not result in the death of the K-9 do you think their loyalty would shrink one iota? I think not. Humans are not so forgiving of other humans, I assure you.


I will not go as far as to try to get you to believe that a K-9 is a better cop than we humans are. After all, there are many things they can’t and will never do.

These thoughts are simply to say wouldn’t it be nice …

If we were as brave …

If we were as loyal …

And if we were as forgiving as those furry partners who will lay down their lives for us without a single thought for their own safety.

And, they will do it every minute of every day.

This may be viewed by many as far-fetched. I think that if you spent time with a K-9 or with the partner of one, you might find you agree with me.



So, here’s to our furry companions who have died and will die so rookies and veterans alike can go home at the end of every shift.

If it’s true that all dogs go to heaven surely there is a special place for these brave warriors who have been so loving, dedicated and loyal.


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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