Given the overwhelming negativity and fear promoted by media and government in the last two years, I was having difficulty bringing to mind how fortunate I am for the blessings showered upon me and my loved ones. Once a Covey 7 Habits facilitator, I remembered the SEE-DO-GET model; how one SEEs something determines what he DOes about it, and what is done or not determines the outcome, or what one GETs.

My negativity is from the constant media repetition of lies, death, fear, and hate, compounded by the feeling of betrayal by every institution I once trusted.


I love Our Country; I Fear Our Government


  • Our Constitution was written to severely limit government damage to the liberty of the individual. Today, restrictions on government are ignored. Our highest levels of law enforcement have demonized, prosecuted, and persecuted decent people, especially in the middle class, while enabling, and rewarding criminals and their behavior.
  • Due process ignored, certain people are tried in the media; many deserving prosecution, left free to hurt others. The criminal justice system fails to protect citizens and now protects criminals.


Many Leaders Betray the Oath

  • Leadership in law enforcement ordered officers to allow criminals to destroy, burn and loot, simultaneously driving out or marginalizing officers who resist buying Marxist narratives. I know that from personal experience. Those allowed to stay are increasingly non-thinking “order followers” in the mold of Hitler’s brown shirts and Mao’s Red Guard, the models used by Australia’s and soon, it appears California’s police.
  • Law enforcement is the most visible and available part of government that serves and protects. Not only do we protect life and property; we protect the liberty of the people from the government that employs us; liberty that raised man from disease, filth, sickness, poverty, and misery. Return we will unless we protect it.

In polls in classes I teach, I surveyed over 5000 law enforcement officers and learned that 99% have not read the document they swore to defend, the U.S. Constitution! We are guardians of a treasure, not occupiers.

  • Our education system is a failure. Returning to school at 48 years old, I breezed through a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees that were easier than my high school education. I was infuriated being in project groups with people who couldn’t write a sentence, yet got good grades. As an adjunct professor, I was fired because I flunked a student of color who missed half the classes and did not turn in even one assignment.
  • I fear for my grandchildren and hope their parents will find ways to join home-school networks. CRT is now invading many school curriculums.


Do You Trust Flip/Flop Fauci and Today’s Drug Pushing Docs?

  • Besides saving many trauma patients that would have died in the past, I do not trust much of the medical profession. I consider living seven-plus decades and not being on prescribed medication, contrary to doctor recommendations, a great accomplishment.
  • Doctors who seek cures for patients rather than prescribing drugs first are ostracized or, as in the case of many of the Frontline docs, canceled or fired by their institutions. Why have medical institutions rejected therapies likely to have diminished Chinese virus deaths and canceled doctors promoting curatives not sanctioned by big government and pharma, while withholding the fact that most dying from the virus are vitamin D3 deficient with similar co-morbidities?
  • Many people must now prove they are vaccinated against the Chinese virus or lose their jobs and are being refused entry to businesses and public places. What’s next, yelling “Unclean, Unclean” like biblical lepers?


I No Longer Trust My Church

  • The Pope and many of his Cardinals are more interested in climate change, the Great Reset, banishing the Latin Mass and submission to Cesar, rather than rooting out spiritual cancers that have invaded the Body of Christ.


Gratitude Requires Perspective

Given the betrayals I have outlined, you may wonder why I am thankful. Despite the above, I live in the most comfortable time in human history thanks to the U.S. Constitution, the first in human history to declare that all men are equal in dignity and attempt to make leadership live by the same rules as citizens. Absent liberty, we devolve to the pitiful human condition that is present in most countries on this planet.

I am thankful for my faith and the many good priests and laity fighting to guide the Church through this horrible period of evil, cowardly leadership.

Though mystery to me, I was given the Grace to march to the beat of my own drum literally and figuratively. Further, I was lucky to be mated with my wife who also rejected the cultural cesspool that bathed so many of our peers.

I am thankful for people better than us who helped and supported our growth. We raised our children to reject the norms we SAW as self-destructive, and all are on their own, producing benefits to society. As all families are dysfunctional due to their humanness, I believe we are on the lower end of that scale. I am thankful for that and applaud the good fruit our children are producing for those in their circles of influence.

I am thankful that we are relatively debt-free and hope to be able to ride out the looming financial disasters that appear to be on the horizon.

I am thankful for the good run I’ve had despite the stupidity and sinfulness of my first three decades. I was able to influence many people, mentor a few and continue. My good fortune outweighs the fear and negativity promoted by the institutions I once trusted, and my hope and prayer for you are that you will make a list of the goodness in your life and give thanks for it. God blesses us.

Merry Christmas!


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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