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For most of my time in law enforcement, I have observed that a whole lotta cops avoid serious discussions of politics and candidates that inevitably surface prior to elections. We don’t like politics. We don’t have much use for politicians, either. The whole lot of them seem to be liars.

If a cop talked-up a candidate that the boss didn’t like, bullshit and crap assignments could well follow.  It felt like a no-win situation, so most of us figured that we would keep our mouths shut, our heads down and avoid the topic like the plague.

We can’t do that, this time.

  • Look where that approach has gotten our brothers and sisters in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Atlanta and a bunch of other American cities.
  • The politicians tell the cops to ‘stand down’ or to give protestors ‘some space.’
  • They tell us not to enforce certain laws where certain groups of people are involved because they are just ‘peaceful protestors.’
  • We are ordered by the politicians not to wear the appropriate protective gear when they send us into what becomes a battle or riot.

Too many of our own have been sent to the hospital (or the morgue) all due to fucked-up politicians who care more about getting re-elected than they care about keeping the cops safe.  Those assholes must go. Now.



I didn’t either. Until today.

I learned today as I watched Danny Watson’s video. The one below.

I was introduced to J.D. Chaplain who is making his career as a row-crop farmer. He is also running for the South Carolina State Senate.

He’s a young guy who probably gets ‘carded’ when he goes into a bar (which I suspect he doesn’t do very often). I figure I’ve got socks in my dresser drawer that are older than he is. He is engaged to a very nice girl and plans to get married in the near future.

It is obvious that J.D. was raised by parents who paid attention and did it right. He has finished college and joined his folks on the family farm.

Though he didn’t use this word (he was much too polite), he is tired of the bullshit coming from government at all levels. So, he decided to do something about it:  He is running for office.

Most of us older guys could take a page from J.D.’s book on how to live life.



 Because J.D. has said this loud and clear for everyone to hear:  “I support the cops, 100%.”

We need many more elected officials that share J.D.’s opinion and commitment to the rule of law.

  • He wants us to have more guys in our ranks.
  • He wants us to have all of the training we need to do the job that’s expected of us – and do it well.
  • He wants us to know and interact with our communities in the hopes that they will care for our wellbeing as he does.
  • He wants us to go home safely and well at the end of our shifts.

How can you get those kind of elected officials in your town, too?

Find out who is running in your area. For your city, your county, your state and for Congress.

Take the time to read the propaganda they send to you in the mail. Look at their websites. As needed, send them an email. Call them and talk with them. Get to know who they are and where they stand on law enforcement issues.

Do they want to DEFUND or DEFEND the cops?  Each of us needs to know where each one of them stands on these issues.

Our future and your ass depends on it.

Now, more than ever.



“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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