Don’t Panic …

I have been having a great time, poking fun at all the panicked people hording toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and surgical masks.  If you are a Facebook friend, you’ve probably seen my posts with five children wrapped head to toe in TP.  You’ve probably seen my promotions urging you to buy my novels, so you have something to read while under quarantine.

We have to admit, some people are taking ridiculous measures.  This virus is in the same family as the common cold.  If you go online and search through all the chaff you might find that this is less contagious than the current strain of the flu.

It’s also less deadly than the flu.

It is worse than the common cold and can easily lead to pneumonia.  Of course, no one wants to catch the flu or a common cold. We do catch both of them and usually survive.



The issue with most of this is those who have a diminished immune system.  Most know who they are. However, many police officers don’t realize that a particular person may be functioning with a diminished system.  Your system gets weakend by lack of sleep, bad eating habits, working odd hours, and of course, wrestling with drunken fools who happen to be carrying the virus.


You work midnights, so try to sleep during the day when you don’t have court and the kids aren’t running around the house shouting at each other.  You eat junk because on midnights there isn’t much else, unless you bring food from home every night.

You are exposed to every plague known to mankind just by walking into some homes or searching some cars.  These people are sneezing on you and coughing in your face.  There isn’t enough hand sanitizer in the world to eliminate that problem.

You would need to run the squad through the car wash with the windows down to clean it properly.

Do you have young kids?  Does your spouse come into contact with others who may be sick?  My son used to work at Walgreens.  He brought home every virus that came along.

After all, if you get sick, you go to Walgreens and spread it around.  Just walking down the aisle in the grocery store with the cold and flu remedies exposes you to all the germs from those who were there just before you.


You can’t live like I do: hiding away in your home after you cut off all physical contact with the outside world. Some call that hibernating. I like to say retired.  Yes, Amazon and Peapod will deliver food, and you can decontaminate it all before you bring it in off the front porch.  Your Lysol bill might get steep, though.

So, you say to yourself, “Self, what do I do?”

First, don’t panic.  Use your head.

As a cop, you already carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands before you use the toilet.  You carry Nitrile gloves in your pocket in case you have time to put them on before you touch something or someone.

You are already paranoid. But not really, because it isn’t an irrational fear to take those precautions.

Keep doing what you do.  Wash your hands when you can.

Try not to hang out in the Hospital E/R because that is where the sick people go. Use your head.  Do a little research.  Find out what you really need to worry about with the Coronavirus.  Listen to the experts (  and keep in mind the ‘experts’ are still learning about this virus.  Don’t listen to the people hoarding TP or sanitizer.

Being a new virus, our population hasn’t built up the antibodies to fight it, so you might catch it.  For about 90% of us, it will manifest itself like a bad cold. Beyond that, some might have it develop into pneumonia.  A few others might not recover.

Keep in mind that you have a better chance of being shot and killed on the Chicago streets than dying from this virus.



I was sent through FEMA decontamination training by the police department and I’m not setting up a decon station in my back yard.  I haven’t hoarded TP.

I haven’t panicked.

Well, maybe some extra TP because you can never have too much TP, only too little.

This isn’t the black plague or the zombie apocalypse.  However, if it will get you to buy my books then, BE PREPARED!  Go immediately to my website and purchase all my novels so that you will have them when the government quarantines you.

Until them my brothers and sisters, stay safe.  Run low and zigzag.

Robert Weisskopf (Lt. CPD ret.)


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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