Ice cream has lots of them:  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, black cherry, rocky road and lots more.   No matter what the flavor, ice cream will always be ice cream.  It is grand on a hot summer day.

In recent years, the politically-correct crowd told us to believe that America comes in flavors, too.  We hear phrases like: African-American, Mexican-American, Italian-American, and I guess in my case, I would be termed Irish-American.

I’m here to tell you: America is NOT multi-flavored.  There is only one flavor: American.  We are all simple, plain Americans.

Let’s talk about history.  If you don’t know your history, you are destined to repeat its mistakes.  You can take that to the bank.  We are all immigrants.  If it isn’t you, personally, it was your ancestors.   Some families have been here longer than others, but make no mistake, every one of us has family roots in another part of the globe.

I moved to Florida about ten years ago.  Almost every Florida resident is originally from somewhere else.  A very common question asked here:  ‘Where are you from?’   Finding a person who was actually born in Florida is an unusual experience.  That’s just the way it is here.

It is the same for America.   I do not know exactly when my family arrived from Ireland, but I know that it happened.

So what is with “multi-cultural” America?  It has been invented by lunatics.  Left unchallenged, it might lead someone to think that America actually is multi-cultural.  America is not multi-cultural.

One of our early presidents (Thomas Jefferson, I think) warned us about that kind of thinking.  It would lead to our undoing.  It would cost us our unity as a single group of people united in our commitment to being free.  America is a single culture and our future rests on our commitment to keep it that way.


School children – The Pledge of Allegiance

Yes, we are a nation with a vast array of ethnic backgrounds: Asian, Chinese, Indian, European, Hispanic, African and more.  These are places that our families come FROM.  It is NOT who we ARE today.

As long as we remain within the boundaries of the oceans’ shores, we all are Americans.  Pure.  Simple.  No hyphens.   One word.  Americans.  We are bound together like the people of no other nation on earth is or has ever been.  That is precisely what makes us so strong and resilient.

Wonderfully, we are here in a broad array of colors:  yellow, white, black, red and so forth.  Ain’t it grand?   Me?  I am an American.  My color is white.   I have some spectacular neighbors.  They recently became citizens and now are Americans, too.  Their color is black.

We delight in knowing each other.  We are all Americans and we are of different colors.  It is terrific that we can be Americans and bound together by our love of freedom.

Tied into the current immigration issues is a resentment for those who say they want to live in America yet, want to continue to pledge their allegiance the country from which they came.

They want to pay homage to their former country.  They want to fly the flag of their former country.  They want America to accommodate them and they want America to change to ensure that they are not “offended.”

As Colonel Potter on M.A.S.H. would have said, “horse-hockey!”   The better term from the cop glossary of terms:  Bullshit!

The story of the Great Melting Pot always caused me to think of arriving in America as immigrants is like arriving at one of those outdoor parties in college.  In the center of the space was a large container (we’ll call it a ‘punch bowl’ to be polite).  Each guest would arrive with a bottle of liquor of their choice.

One by one, each would pour their bottle into the group’s container.  Adding a few cans of fruit punch and ginger ale made the whole thing palatable.   Voila!   The blended result combined what each brought together into something we could all enjoy.  That my friends, is a graphic example of America.

College party “punch” bowl

Today, we hear to those  trying to change that vision.  They are promoting an America where everyone maintains their own individual punch bowl placed on a common table.  As far as I’m concerned those who promote such notions can go to hell.

My fellow Americans, I am here to say:  America does not come in flavors.   It is not multi-cultural.   Our heritage is of diverse backgrounds while we remain a rainbow of skin colors.  But, we are one people, one culture, and one nation UNDER GOD.

And frankly, in my humble opinion, if you find that concept disagreeable:  Canada is to the north; Mexico is south.  There are plenty of other countries on this planet.  Pick one.  There is no lock on the doors marked, EXIT.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.


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