How many times have we heard of a cashier at a fast food joint refuse service to a customer simply because of the police uniform he or she was wearing? How about the nasty notes left on a bill referencing the customer’s occupation?

There are a lot of these cases.  When we hear these the first instinct is to spread the word and boycott the business. Is that effective? Is it even appropriate?

Do we have the power to effect change if all the cops in America boycott said businesses?  What if they are privately owned versus franchised? Does it make a difference if the offending party is a server or cashier or a store manager or owner…?

I may have only anecdotal evidence.  But less break it down even more..



After being treated like a second-class citizen and unwanted guest in an establishment we usually want the business and public to understand that is not right and to have someone apologize.  And for most cases I would say that the corporate offices do…and announce that the said employee has been terminated or will receive discipline and training.

That may not happen if the business is small and privately owned.  I have seen some of those business owners double-down on their police hatred rhetoric.

See an example of local pizza truck owner. (Link below)



I’m not sure if anyone has the statistics to clarify if these boycotts have been affecting the bottom line of these different businesses.  My personal guess is that several entities have been affected by the choices of what they will allow and or promote.  See ratings for NFL, NBA, etc. since the Kneeling incident and protests.  I’m sure there are marketing companies that could weigh in on the particulars…



So if we agree that it isn’t necessary to boycott large scale businesses IF their corporate offices apologize… then that leaves us with the companies that refuse to acknowledge their ignorant stance or companies that actively promulgate their hateful and hypocritical stance.

Let’s look at the ones that have openly supported convicted cop killers, honored habitual career criminals or domestic terrorist organizations…  You know the groups that stand for peace and equity while calling for the dismantling of American Policing.



Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, “Defund the Police and Invest in Our Communities” is a current headline to What’s New link on their site.  Oh, and they have also supporting the killer of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner who was murdered in front of several eyewitnesses on the morning of December 9, 1981 for years.  So hopefully no cop or cops’ family members ever buy that ice cream ever again.  How many other customers across the nation and world still do though?

The NFL and NBA, NFL putting the names of convicted career criminals on their shirts and helmets because they were shot; justifiably so; by police.  LeBron James of the NBA threatening retaliation against a police officer who shot a person that was about to stab another with a knife.  He deleted the tweet, made a backhanded explanation, and the NBA ignored it.

Coca-Cola, “Let’s try to be less white” is a slide in their employee training curriculum.  Did they ever apologize or attempt to justify it?  Do you realize how many Coca-Cola branded items there are out there??… “I’m not ordering anymore Coke.  Only Fresca, water or Sprite for me for now on”…    -insert face palm-



Honestly the list is never-ending.  Where do we draw the line? Do we even have alternative sneaker companies then Nike?  Yeah, how about Under Armour; they support the military! Yes, but they additionally support other organizations and causes that are anti-police.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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