In the wake of a tragic incident, unfortunately, many more have followed.  We have now borne witness to widespread protests-turned-riots that are completely devoid of human decency, respect for life, the property of others and respect for one another.

When the first police precinct in Minneapolis was overrun, it seemed to have kicked off a theme: takeover the police.  Since then, police stations all over the country have been attacked. The NYPD have had several precincts at-risk of falling.

The level of violence is reminiscent of past incidents in St. Louis, Baltimore and New York.

Anyone who can be identified committing these heinous acts should be brought to justice. They should be held accountable for their actions, in the same way that they demand justice for their cause.

There are businesses already in deep financial straits due to the Covid-19 shutdowns which are now structurally destroyed. Their inventory has been looted by people “outraged” over the tragic death of George Floyd.

Floyd’s death, though tragic, is not what will be remembered. Instead, it will be the impact of the violence in its wake by the likes of ANTIFA and others of their ilk. These groups send professional rioters and instigators to communities to incite civil unrest.

Once again, we are seeing police officers all over the country attempting to maintain order in the midst of chaos. Officers showing admirable restraint in the face of those who wish to antagonize them hoping to spark even more violence.   I am relieved and proud to see that the Thin Blue Line is holding!


One place where ANTIFA’s plan didn’t work is Flint & Flint Township, Michigan.  Year after year, Flint is listed as one of the top ten most violent cities in America (per capita).  Let me say that again, Flint is on the list of the TOP TEN MOST VIOLENT cities in America.

Flint is less than ten miles west of where I work and five miles north of where I live. 

What happened in Flint last night was something everyone across the world should see.  City, county and state police agencies were all prepared for the worst. What they got was our best.

Protesters came out en mass and Chris Swanson (Genesee County Sheriff) asked them “Tell us what we need to do.” and the crowd responded with a simple request, “Walk with us.” The Sheriff and his crew did that very thing.

The sheriff, along with some of his deputies, all walked the protest route arm-and-arm and shoulder-to-shoulder, peacefully, to accomplish their objective: protest a tragic death and have their voices heard.  The sheriff talked with them but more importantly, he listened.

Sheriff Swanson showed them that behind our badges are hearts and that those hearts have understanding, care and empathy.  We cops have their best interest in mind and that their voices shall be heard in a peaceful civilized manner.


As the crowds started to gather in Flint, I received a call from my son. He said he just got done playing basketball and that he was with friends who passed by the gathering.  I told him to get out of there immediately and get home.  This was and is the protective parent in me – knowing what could happen.

If I had to do it again I would tell him the same thing.  I wish he could have witnessed the coming together of police and protesters. I would like him to know that peaceful demonstration and dialogue can coexist in difficult times.

Assisting the local cops with security were multiple agencies from around the county.  Officers were brought in to support local agencies. Everyone wanted to be prepared for whatever could possibly have taken place. Fortunately, there was no violence. The participants were there to witness the bridging of a gap between law enforcement and their community.

I personally know most of the officers involved with the Flint protests. I can’t fully express how proud I am of all them and the example they have set for our country.

Unfortunately, Flint is a unicorn when it comes to the current protests: it is something you just don’t see.  I want to personally thank all of the officers who risked their lives to maintain order in this chaotic time. Thank you.


The Thin Blue Line is not broken. It remains strong because of the fibers that make it up and those fibers are the good cops spread all over the U.S.A.  The Thin Blue Line grows increasingly stronger when bad cops are rooted out and held accountable.

If your goal is peaceful resolution of a problem through dialogue and both sides take the time to listen to each other – I mean really listen – this could be a more common outcome.  All too often we listen only to prepare a response, not understand. There is a big difference.

“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.




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