Since we are ‘Public servants’, we must assist the public whenever and wherever possible.  Of course, some members of “the Public” think that, the term PUBLIC SERVANT is akin to PUBLIC PARK and possibly PUBLIC TOILET.  But we smile and respond always in a professional manner when dealing with the public.

While finishing a report on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and hurrying to go back on the road, a gentleman came into our headquarters and demanded “I want to be fingerprinted.”

Now, as a service to residents, we fingerprint many who were starting employment as stocks and bonds traders, or dealing with children, as required for a background check.  So, I replied “Fine.  Give me your paperwork.”

He stopped for a moment and pointed at me almost screaming “NO!  YOU have the paperwork.”

I then asked why he wanted to be fingerprinted.  He answered that he wanted his fingerprints to be “on file.”

I answered him by saying I didn’t know what he wanted me to do and explained again if he was securing employment as a bond trader, precious gems, diamonds or as a teacher dealing with children but that he would have those forms for the FBI, the State, etc.

Once again, he shot back “NO.  You have the forms!!!”

I then asked him to follow me outside and said “I can fingerprint you but you have to commit a crime.  If you took a rock from the stone wall here and tossed it through the stained glass window of the Episcopal Church across the street, THEN I can arrest you.

BUT, also then I’d have to take you in front of a Judge and, if you didn’t have enough bail money, he might tell me to take you to the County jail.”  He started screaming at me about ‘cops not wanting to do anything,’ and got into his car and drove away.

I also got into my patrol car and had a very pleasant rest of the afternoon, in spite of El Exiente (the demanding one) and his quest for being fingerprinted.


Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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