Maybe we should start referring to this disease as a ‘Black Virus,’ suggested Rep. Sheila Lee of Texas.


A recent article published by Politico really got under my skin. Rep. Karen Bass, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus began spouting about all of her requirements for the upcoming Phase 4 relief package from the Feds. She wants:

  • A major chunk of it earmarked for ‘communities of color’.
  • Half of that designated for banks who lend to women and minority-owned businesses.
  • A bunch of cash for community health centers.



She knows better.


So does any American who has two brain cells to rub together.

If Ms. Bass truly wants to know why this horrible disease is affecting Blacks disproportionaly, I suggest she ask her driver to take her and some of her fellow wizards in Congress for a short spin around D.C. one evening.  Say between 2300 hours and 0100 hours.

Not into the glitzy places where she is accustomed to hanging. Oh, no. Head into the poor Black neighborhoods. Check out the liquor stores, the residential streets and especially the street corners.

She won’t need to go far or look closely except to avoid running down the throngs of Black people who are hanging out, drinking, smoking and doing lots of other fun party-type stuff. There won’t be just a few; there will be dozens, if not hundreds made up of mostly men with a few women sprinkled among them.

It might even be wise for Ms. Bass to grab her dog Toto and go to a few of our known Coronavirus trouble spots around the country, as well.



 I helped Mark get into shape to pass the physical entrance test for the Detroit PD academy. I coached him along the way. Now, he’s a capable and seasoned sergeant working in that insufferable pit.

I called him a few days ago to ask about his health and work. Health-wise, he’s still clean. Work …

“You would think that the mayor announced it was 24 hour party-time in Detroit. Those idiots in the neighborhoods don’t have to go to work. So, they are hanging out in the streets everywhere. It is a challenge to drive down many residential streets because we have to avoid hitting them with our patrol car.”

“They are out of fucking control. It’s a never-ending party.”

Paul, my former partner, who is still on the street, approached a group of Black guys yesterday advising them about distance and home. They responded by telling him that, “Blacks cannot get that damned white-man’s disease.”

I can see how a new program at their local community center would help these folks, can’t you?



The Chicago Police Department is overwhelmed with street parties happening in many areas of the south and west sides.  Specifically, the poor Black neighborhoods are the ones.

Blacks hang around the outside of their favorite liquor store and party hardy. Given that no one must report to work, this is pretty much a round-the-clock operation. If/when they run low on alcohol, replenishment is close at hand. You want specifics?  Okay.

In just the 15th District, you can check out Bob’s Liquors at 5069 W. Madison St., or at 324 S. Cicero and of course there is the location at 200 S. Larabee.  There are plenty of party-goers around all three and there are plenty more not included on my short list. There are many more to choose from. Almost all of them are Black.

The problem with Blacks hanging out at liquor stores is so acute that their genius mayor floated the idea of forcing the liquor stores to close at 2030 hours. Current thinking is that it would have little effect. The partiers would just stock-up prior to closing.

If the parties weren’t enough, there has also been a marked increase in shootings. Last Tuesday, April 7th, there were 7 murders and an additional 14 shootings. Some folks are concerned that the shootings will soon outpace the deaths from the coronavirus.

We’ll see.


2020 Chicago Shot Clock



Ah yes, Baltimore – the pinnacle of social order. This information was contained in an article recently published by the Wall Street Journal.

The Maryland city is planning as soon as this month to start experimenting with an aerial-surveillance program, using planes equipped with high-tech cameras that can cover 90% of the city’s land area at one time.

 The program is intended to help Baltimore’s strained police force investigate and respond to street crime, a task that has taken on new importance, as officers try to maintain operations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

 The technology is drawing pushback from some local residents and activists who say the camera-equipped planes will violate their constitutional rights to privacy and freedom of association.

 In response to a lawsuit by the ACLU, the U.S. District Court for Maryland ordered the police department not to deploy the planes.

Yes, Ms. Bass, I can see how lending money to women-owned businesses would address this issue, too (tongue in cheek).



If we looked at New Orleans (Louisiana), we would see the same kind of civil disregard for the safeguards recommended by our leaders.

These citizens, as well, have caused their own problems. If they are looking for someone to blame, they should look in the nearest mirror.


‘ROOT CAUSE’   ah, yes that time-worn phrase which implies that the speaker really wants to ‘get-to-the-bottom’ of an issue and correct it. History, shows otherwise.

I’m going to show my age here, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

This problem started one Sunday night – I’m guess it was 1967 when our then President Lyndon Baines Johnson announced The Great Society and The War on Poverty in an address to the nation from the Oval Office.

The titles are pretty, aren’t they?

These two concepts have caused more internal damage to our nation than any foreign enemy ever could.

They have destroyed the Black families across the nation. Children are raised without fathers and without the discipline and values that fathers bring to their children. Those are the former children we are now dealing with on the streets.


Why was this done? It was done to make single mothers and their children dependent upon the federal government which regularly gave them money. That money in turn, bought their votes and kept the Black citizens dependent on the government dole.

Who would do this? Sadly, it was learned too late by most Americans that Lyndon Johnson was possibly the most under-handed, unscrupulous, ill-intended person to ever hold the Presidency. It was learned after his death that JFK hated Johnson to the core. Now we know why.



We cops have previously heard a similar line of bullshit as they are trying to sell us today.


We were told by the liberals that the fact that Blacks represent the highest percentage of our prison population is proof that our laws and law enforcement agents discriminate against, ‘people of color.’


What it really proves is that a huge portion of the Black population has no respect for authority.

Knowing that, we watched as laws were changed, eliminated and ignored. We now have elected prosecutors who have publicly announced they will not enforce a variety of laws as written.

The sum of all of this is to encourage Black people to ignore more laws.


Now, Black people are dying in great numbers. That is sad. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Let the blame lay where it belongs.

As it is written in the Good Book, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ Amen.



This problem with a high death-rate from the coronavirus started in the Black community.

That is where the fix must come from.


Is this a ‘Black virus?’


That will be determined solely by the Black people.

 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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