DO SOMETHING!!” the gun-haters scream.

Every time more than a couple of people die at the hand of some deranged asshole, the screaming begins.

Sadly, none of the politically correct, poll-driven ruling elites have the guts to take steps that would really work — institutionalizing the mentally defective – But that’s a different story.

The elites and their minions begin demanding laws that would serve to strip Constitutionally-protected rights from law-abiding citizens and failing to stop even one gun crime. Why do they push such laws?

Because citizens who are unable to defend themselves again a tyrannical government are no longer CITIZENS. They become SUBJECTS.

Of late the idea of ‘Red Flag’ laws have come to the fore. These laws would allow the friends and family of a person who owns guns and is demonstrating mental instability to report it to the authorities (read, ‘local cops’). Those local cops would then be empowered to seize said weapons from the mentally unstable individual.


Unfortunately, there is an unintended consequence that would come along with such a law:


 The purpose of this article is not to take a position on any of the proposed laws. Rather, we want to notify our law enforcement readers that you have a huge stake in the details of any such law.

Mistakes or sloppiness in the details of these laws may take your life. It is critical that every cop pay attention to any debate in their community or their state on the issue of Red Flag Laws. None of us can afford to sit this one out.

Please pay attention. Your life depends on it.




This IS the way it will happen. It already has in a few states …

It’s a Sunday night and your family has all gone to bed. You let the dogs back in and lock the deadbolt like you do every night. All the lights are off now except a couple of night lights scattered throughout the house leaving that dim glow throughout your home.

It is bedtime. Work and school are going to come early in the morning. You crawl in bed, kiss your wife and drift off to sleep being thankful for the air conditioning that allows you to pull that heavy quilt up over your shoulder despite the fact it’s still 85 degrees outside. A few hours pass …

0200 Monday morning and your wife taps your leg and says, “Baby I heard something outside.” As you sit up in bed you hear the dog growling in the living room and you know something isn’t right. You grab that trusty ‘ol 870 and head into the living room. Your wife grabs her 9mm and heads down the hall to the kids’ rooms just like you have rehearsed.

“Good boy,” you say as you enter the living room, trying to calm both the dog and your wife just as splinters fly across the room and the front door flies open.

“Oh shit!”

You shoulder your weapon and send a load of 00 Buck across your living room and see the perpetrator fall in a heap. Before the “Thank God,” can even run across your brain, you see a second man coming in the door and you fire again. This time you hear the pop of your wife’s 9mm as she has joined in the fight.

It has to be those damn meth heads from down in town! Just then you are consumed by a wall of bullets as you see multiple muzzle flashes from just outside the door and you realize something isn’t right. You turn to yell at your wife to “get down” just in time to see her take a load of buckshot to the face and her brain matter splatter the wall behind her.

You feel the burning as 5.56 rounds riddle your body. One clips your spine as you’re scrambling away and paralyzes your lower body. The last thing you see before you bleed out is a SWAT guy from your local PD holding your teenage daughter on the floor with a knee in her back as she screams and cries because she just watched her parents being murdered.


Why did this happen? You’re no criminal. You’re a conservative and an honest family man. Your wife is a school teacher and your daughters are on the honor roll. Why did this happen?

Well two days ago, you and your wife went down to welcome the new neighbors to the community. Your wife made them some of her “world famous” cookies and you invited them to church on Sunday.

Later that afternoon, you got a friend request on Facebook from your new neighbor, which you gladly accepted. They seemed a little odd, but in the few minutes you talked they were pleasant enough.

The next day while you and your family sat in church, your new neighbor scrolled through your Facebook profile. He saw that ‘Trump 2020’ post and got infuriated because he’s a staunch liberal and he hates your kind. The next thing he sees are the hunting pictures you took last fall when your daughter bagged her first buck.


Now, he’s seething with fury because he is wholeheartedly against the “slaughter of innocent animals.” Next he sees your post from the last range day with your buddy and sees those scary black assault weapons on the table and that does it! He has to do something about the racist, right wing extremist, domestic terrorist living next door.

He picks up the phone, calls the local Sheriff’s Office and reports you as a threat under the new Red Flag law. The Sheriff’s Office follows their SOP’s and conducts a no knock warrant because under that new law, you have been denied due process. You are considered guilty until proven innocent.


As a result of that law, you, your lovely wife and two deputies have been killed for nothing.

Your daughter will have absolute hell for the rest of her life. She will never be that successful person you dreamed for her to be because of the mental tragedy caused from seeing her parents murdered. The local newspaper will report that you were killed after firing on, and killing, two deputies. The story will say that “over a thousand rounds of ammo and 22 guns were confiscated from your residence.”

Oh … those two deputies were just following orders. They left behind families as well. They had served the community for over a decade. They didn’t know you were a stand-up guy with a great family.

They weren’t allowed time to investigate the charges as guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments’ guarantee of due process. They were told you had threatened your neighbor and were out in the street waving around an AR15.


This is the reality of Red Flag gun laws.

Innocent people will lose their lives, including law enforcement officers who will be serving these unconstitutional no-knock warrants. Red Flag laws will be used for petty and vengeful reasons without merit.

Unsubstantiated claims by gun-hating liberals who believe if you own guns, you are automatically a threat to society. They may presume you are a right wing extremist who MUST be stopped at all costs – for the safety of others.

Remember the last four words of the Second Amendment, “… shall not be infringed.”


The purpose of this article is neither to favor nor oppose any single ‘Red Flag’ law. We want to make this clear, ‘The devil is in the details.’

It is critical that every cop in our nation PAY ATTENTION and become part of the discussion as these laws are debated. As the preceding story illustrates, a poorly-written law has a high probability of needlessly costing lives of our Brothers and Sisters cops as well as civilians.

Doing Something’ is not appropriate unless the something we do provides a reasonable expectation that it will – in fact – solve the problem at hand.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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