Every one of us needs to lean on someone, sometime …

If today is your day … if this is your time

It is vital to always remember that you are NOT ALONE.

Your Brothers and Sisters in blue are walking this path with you. They are not here to judge. Rather, they are here to listen. They are here to help.

They are here because they love you.

Reach out to someone on the list below. They are cops – just like you. They can help relieve the pressure and bring an end to your pain.

Pick up the phone and call now.



Under the Shield can be reached 24/7 via our toll free number 855-889-2348 or you can private message our coaches on our Facebook page Under the Shield Foundation. We guarantee that you will never be asked for your name or any identifying information. Families are also encouraged to contact us regarding issues and concerns.

The goal at Under the Shield is to meet the “unique lifestyle” needs of our law enforcement officers and their family members by providing support through confidential services, rendered by stress coaches, none of which are mandated reporters.

We believe our law enforcement warriors are the essential component to everyday life and deserve the best resources and support we can provide to them and to their families.

Under the Shield, Inc. was founded in Montgomery Alabama on May 28, 1992 following the tragic death of a law enforcement officer in the Birmingham area. Our offices are now located in Mesa, Arizona.