And, we’re not Walmart greeters.


The Duluth, MN police department is about to (or already has) introduced customer service training for their new coppers. Really, customer service training.

There are some terrific, nationally-known law enforcement training organizations that could handle this task very well. Has the PD chosen to “partner” (there’s that word, again) with The Verbal Judo (VJ) Institute? They offer a highly-regarded tactical communication program for cops.  No, the Duluth cops won’t get this one.


Since they are not using Verbal Judo, are they using one of the Verbal Judo imitators like Vistelar? One of the copy-cats must be the partners. Right? Again, the answer is No.

Then Duluth PD must be using any of the multitude of police trainers specializing in communication. The answer remains unchanged: No.

The Duluth, MN PD is partnering with Dale Carnegie Training. (See, 28 November 2017.)

Says the Chief, “Ultimately when I think of Dale Carnegie, I think of customer service.” (That’s a fair point, for Dale Carnegie). “So many times, Carnegie is used in industry, and policing really is about customer service.” (Nope, not even.)


For years, police work wasn’t always looked at like that. (And, there’s a reason for that.) We’re a monopoly which is not necessarily a bad thing. “You don’t get to pick another police department because you don’t like the one in Duluth. So we always have to be at our best.” (As do all coppers, all the time, everywhere.)

Not to worry, though, “Roz Randorf, a consultant for Carnegie in Duluth, said the new officers will receive the organization’s standard 24-hour “Skills for Success” course.

She said it will include the same content and principles as business executives might get — though some language and scenarios may be tweaked slightly to tailor it for a law enforcement audience.

Make a note, “some language … may be tweaked slightly …”  Yeah, that’s the ticket (Flanagan, T., circa, 1980s).

But it’s all good, ‘cause Ms. Randorf believes it’s gonna be “transformational.”  And, of course, the Chief sees this training as being on the “cutting edge” for law enforcement.

It will be coupled with the department’s Implicit Bias training (WTH) and Less Lethal Sponge Rounds. (I’m guessing the shit-birds are loving this plan.)

He concludes, “We want to be looking at what we can do to continually enhance the work we do. We don’t like to get mired in mediocrity and be satisfied with the status quo”.

No one in our profession should be happy with mediocrity. We are a calling. We are supported by God (see Romans 13). This is a noble profession which is staffed by Warriors who are seeking to serve all people. We are God’s servants: Avengers bringing wrath on those who do wrong (Romans 13:4, Christian Standard Bible).



Cops are the greatest communicators around. They deal with all kinds of people in all matters of difficult, sometimes life altering events. They need the best communication training available.

Lt. Jim Glennon or Verbal Judo come to mind for their training excellence. They didn’t earn their reputations by training cops on customer service. Certainly not Dale Carnegie style customer service.

We are not sales clerks trying to convince someone they need to buy something we are selling. We are not welcoming people to Walmart. We are putting people back onto the railroad tracks of life, or putting them in the hoosegow.

It’s always their choice.

But, like so many chiefs and some sheriffs out there, their concern is not about their troops. Instead, it’s about themselves, their careers and their jobs.

As police commander and courageous leader Travis Yates said, “When the devil comes, law enforcement must be ready and readiness resides in training and equipment.” (Daily Caller, 28 February 2018)

We demean the profession by suggesting customer service is the wave of the future.

At the bottom line, it comes down to saving just ONE life.



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