Big cities, small towns and most every community in between.  What, you ask?  The “tough area” which are heavily populated by the failed poor of our society.

Most people are there by choice.  Recall the old saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  Some – in the minority – are there by circumstance and sincerely want to be elsewhere.

In the little suburban town where I worked, I learned from my first F.T.O. that the South End was commonly referred to as, “Little Saigon,” because it was a war zone.  If dispatched, never go there as alone / a single unit.

The two-story Section Eight housing was used too frequently as a great place to take shots, i.e. snipe, a cop cars driving through.  Think of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Texas Book Depository.

The crime stats in those neighborhoods were terrible – both property and serious crimes against people.

I recall one of my first ‘bumps’ when I nabbed a miscreant for a misdemeanor of some sort.  He astounded me when he was indignant that I actually had the nerve to catch him in the act.   How dare I?

I came to develop a theory about what these people used as their ‘yardstick’ to determine right vs. wrong.

Said succinctly:  “If I want it (or want to do it) AND I can get away with it, then, it must be right.”

 Be it good or bad, I analyze stuff to death.  So too, I did with these people.  My conclusions:

  • Most of the young people were raised by single mothers.
  • On average, by the age of puberty (11-12) the boys were on the street.
  • There had been no father-figure in their lives.
  • They raised themselves and looked to other street-types so they could ‘belong’ to something. Too often, it was a local gang.
  • The greatest risk to the health and welfare of a young man was being murdered by a peer. We term it “Black-on-Black murders.”  Black leaders don’t want to admit what the facts irrefutably show.

In discussions, the question arises:  what / where are the roots of this horrible situation?

LBJ announces Great Society

Because I am old enough to have lived through it, the source is clear:  our government launched programs in the 1960s called, “The Great Society” and “The War on Poverty.”  At their root, the government paid women to have babies’ out-of-wedlock and keep the fathers away from the home.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted at the time this program was launched that it would lead to the destruction of the nuclear Black family and collapse of Black progress and the social order in their communities.

He was scoffed at.

His predictions were 100% accurate.



With the passage of time, people living in the affected communities grew dissatisfied with their circumstances. They had largely grown accustomed to the government providing for their needs and any sense of personal responsibility became unfashionable.

The leaders of the time also mistakenly thought that government could cure citizens’ ills better than they could do it for themselves.  This belief was supported by people and actions of the time:

  • Civil rights leaders and groups who came to make demands of the government and of society, as a whole.
  • The concept of Affirmative Action came into vogue as a way of giving this group of people a helping hand. That program is now viewed by many Black leaders today of putting a stigma on this group because they cannot perform to the level of others.
  • These people failed to learn that the path to changing their world was through community engagement, running for elective office and making changes from within the system.
  • A vast number of them were offered an education which was terribly inferior to what other people were receiving. Worse, parents often placed little or no value on education for their children.
  • Having a poor education severely restricted the kinds of jobs they were qualified to hold.

The result of all of this was that the only alternative for the males was the street, e.g. drugs, crime and gangs.  For females, their only means of support was to have babies that the government would then pay them for each month.



Street dug sales

Baltimore, April 12, 2015:  Freddie Gray was arrested.

We have dealt with a Freddie Gray (by different names) in our own communities.  The name may change, but the ‘jerks’ remain the same.

Freddie had a record as long as two arms.  Quite impressive for a 25 year old.

He had no respect for anyone or anything.

He was openly hostile to the police.

While being transported to the detention center, he fell into a coma and he died on April 19th.



This is what should have happened:

There should have been a demand for a thorough investigation about every aspect of the arrest and exactly what led Gray’s to his death.

Those citizens who believed the system to be wrong, unfair or stacked against them should have run for office on the City Council and effected the changes they thought were needed.

Those who were aggrieved should have engaged the larger community through area churches, civic groups and all other public groups who could bring a larger voice to the elected officials.


This is what did happen:

The Mayor at the time, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sensed that civil unrest would be the result of Gray’s death once it was announced.  The Mayor seemed to accept that violence was inevitable.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake

Instructions came from the Mayor to the police department to “give them space,” to act out on their anger.  She further told the cops NOT to wear their protective gear that was suitable for civil insurrections which resulted in the injury of many cops.

There were many days of violent protests.

A CVS store and many area businesses were looted and/or burned out.

CV S Burned-Out

Governor Hogan finally stepped in, declaring a state of emergency and deploying the National Guard.


Black Lives Matter and other similar groups actively continued to spread false narratives about the police and the Michael Brown death – even knowing they were complete lies.  It appeared that the motivation was to maintain a fever pitch in the community.




The six cops involved in the arrest and transport of Freddie Gray were accused of not following the agency’s General Orders which outlined the procedures for handling such matters.

Most every cop learns quickly that the agency’s General Orders (in reality) are, “The Big Book of Everything,” which has either been written by the city attorney or closely reviewed prior to publication.  The principal purpose of said book is to keep the city out of trouble, i.e. relieving them of liability.

City Attorney HANDIWORK

New cops actually learn how do to tasks when they are taught by more senior officers.  It’s like an apprentice brick mason.  He doesn’t learn his job from a book.  That is nonsense.  The same is true of coppery, and everyone in law enforcement knows it.

In come the Feds.  There is a Civil Rights Commission review shoves recommendations down the throats of Baltimore Police.  They predicted it would lead to better policing.

Instead, it led to fewer cops.  A whole lot fewer cops.


In 2000, there were approximately 3,000 cops working at BPD.  Today, that number is under 2,500.

Murders are up 30%.

Shootings are up 80%.

Cops are leaving in droves.  They are retiring, getting hired by other agencies, changing to a career outside law enforcement and many other destinations.

The recruiters face the impossible task of finding qualified people who are willing to work in this kind of environment.



One can ask the “leaders” to confirm what specific changes are needed in order correct the situation.  Unfortunately, they flat-out denied what the cops see as obvious:

  • The cause of the police – community’s sagging relationship couldn’t possibly cannot possibly be caused by the citizenry. It is the police who must change.
  • Lack of fathers in the homes and the lack of training of basic community values isn’t a problem.
  • There isn’t a lack of a good education.
  • There is not a general hatred and mistrust of the cops from the citizens.
  • There is no such thing as the “Ferguson Effect,” causing the cops to lay back on the job with little (or no) proactive work.

These eggheads truly believe this nonsense.



Remember the name Marilyn Mosby?    She is the jerk prosecutor who charged six Baltimore cops with various crimes relating to Gray’s death.

Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

What bullshit.

And the judge knew it when he threw her cases and her ass out of court with multiple sharp rebukes.

Even after the charges were dismissed and the DOJ cleared the officers, their own agency put them through a disciplinary process before allowing them to return to work.

I hope for their sakes that they are finding cop jobs elsewhere – where they are needed and wanted.



 The future of Northeast Baltimore has the same luster and shine as a bucket of shit.  The cops know it, too.  And the cops are willing to admit it.

Shining Cow Dung

The city’s current mayor, Catherine Pugh, announced the firing of police commissioner Kevin Davis last week.  He is being replaced by Daryl DeSousa a thirty-year veteran of the department.

IN 2017, there were 343 killings which equates to 56 murders per 100,000 residents.

Pugh said in a recent news conference, “My decision is based on the fact that we need to get these numbers down … I’m looking for new and creative, innovative ways to change …”

I hate to shock the Mayor … but it’s not the Commissioner who needs to be changed.

What need to change in Baltimore is the same change needed in many other crime-plagued cities across the U.S.

The Liberal, Left-Wing policies of the past fifty years need to go along with the elected officials who put them in place.

Sorry Ms. Pugh, if the truth hurts.

But wait … the story is not over.  As I am attempting to put finishing touches on this article, in comes a news story announcing that two of the top command officers in Baltimore have suddenly resigned after the firing of the Commissioner.

Deputy Commissioner Jason Johnson and Chief Ganesha Martin confirmed their announcements of resignation just yesterday.

At the time of the firing of the top cop, Mayor Pugh said she did it because she had grown “impatient” with his inability to stem the historic rates of violence.

However, she refuses to look at the actual cause of the violence:  the assholes living in the Northeast part of the city.



Think about London, England.

Consider Paris, France.

We Americans have been told that in these and other European cities, the police do not enter.   The police are not wanted.  Going there is a risk to life and limb.

Treating this unacceptable behavior today in American cities the same way will doom the residents to the same future – unless something changes.




Nice, relaxed Mayor …

Take a look at the nearby photo of the Mayor and the new Commissioner.  Study the grimace on the face of both in the picture and you decide WHO is running Baltimore P.D.

And, apparently, the Mayor is confused.  She must believe that the Mayor is the person running the day-to-day affairs of the police department.

How sad.

The Commissioner of the moment is sharing the wonderful news that his newly created “Operation Blitz” has been a thundering success.  DeSousa stripped cops from specialized units and bureaus and put everyone in patrol.

Thundering success?  I suspect it will have about the same effect as pissing in the Inner Harbor.  These temporary patrolmen will need to return to regular duties, sooner or later.

Guns off the streets, arrests, warrant pickups and the list goes on.

Great success?   I’m gullible, but not that gullible.   Neither are the citizens nor the cops in Baltimore.



Baltimore isn’t alone.  Today’s current civic messes did not happen solely at the hands of the current political leaders.

In some cities, today’s leaders are trying hard to improve the situation.

In other cities, (think Chicago) the mayor has two primary objectives: self-enrichment and finding someone else to blame for their mess.

In these cities, the majority of the problems do NOT rest with the cops.  They have done their job. They have figured out that good vs. bad is not a function of skin color but, rather of behavior.   Period.

If a citizen chooses to behave like an asshole, it is up to the citizen to correct that behavior, face jail or face his own execution.

A professor once put solutions to these kinds of problems as one of two options:     TOLERATE or   TERMINATE.



 Sadly, very little.

First and foremost: recognize if you are on a sinking ship of your own.  If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you must make the decision: will you ride out the storm and doing what you can to right the ship?

It is vital that you assess the situation with a critical eye.

If your answer is ‘no,’ then decide if remaining a cop is in your heart.  I hope it is.  There are agencies far and wide who are begging to fill their own vacancies.  Before jumping ship, examine your chosen destination carefully, e.g. call load, minimum street crew size, citizen complaints, union grievances, and the list goes on.

If you like to work, you won’t be happy in a small agency that has only a couple of hundred calls for service in a year.  Don’t kid yourself.

Other options:  retirement, moving into training, or any specialized field where you have received intense training over your career.   You are not required to be miserable.


WE CAN ALL DO THIS:   Recognize that today’s society has left far too many young men – of all races / backgrounds – without any significant contact with their fathers.  If you are a man, you can help fill that void.  You can make it a better world.  Just look around – at the gym, even at work when you are so called.

These young men need mentors – and it shouldn’t be gang leaders on the street.



Currently, the people in the failed poor communities are complaining about overbearing, unfair police officers.  They have demonstrated in the streets demanding withdrawal of the “oppressive” cops.

Largely, they have gotten what they asked for.

Cops come to their part of town only when called.   Otherwise, they stay out.

“I’ll take my calls from 7-11,” thank you.   Can anyone blame the boys in blue?

We will be at 7-11

Crime is out of control there.

The question:  are we willing to tolerate and coddle the bad boys?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ we must realize that the future of our republic may be at stake.

This is about saving our country.






At the bottom line, it’s also about saving just ONE life.



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