WHORE – the devoting of one’s honor to base [morally low] purposes.  Webster’s College Dictionary.




Being a cop brings with it high expectations from people whom you know and those whom you serve.

I was taught at a very young age that there are some very special / select people in society: teachers, preachers and cops.  Much is expected of them.  Most of them have been called to their careers by God.

As for cops, they are given authorities in our society that most do not have.  We trust them and when a question of judgement arises, they are given the “benefit of doubt” and the assumption that cops are right and telling the truth.

Make no mistake: dishonesty is never knowingly tolerated in their ranks.  Malicious acts are punished more vigorously than they are against the average citizen.  Reason: cops are given more trust and more authority than most folks and that trust was willfully violated.

Much of what a cop is called to do requires subjective judgement on the cop’s part.  As a society and as a Brotherhood, we assume them to be right / telling the truth.




I recall from the academy learning about various rules we live by which have been set by Case Law in the Courts.

Courts have repeatedly said in their opinions that we cops face situations which are dangerous, rapidly-evolving, tense and often require split-second life-and-death decisions.

A cop’s actions cannot be judged with the benefit of a hindsight perspective.  Therefore, Monday-morning quarterbacking a cop’s actions is taboo.  A cop’s actions can only be fairly judged when done from the standpoint of the cop’s perspective at the time of the incident.

It is for these reasons that when a cop is asked to opine about an event where we were not present our response will be something like, “I don’t know; I wasn’t there.”   Alternately, “We won’t know until the investigation is complete.”




At the moment, many are fixated on the recent OIS involving a Minneapolis cop and Justine Damond, a visitor from Australia who was here to marry her American fiancée.  Things we know:

  • The investigation remains open.
  • MPD chief, Janee Harteau was not physically present at the incident when it happened.
  • Political pressure is being exerted, making all sorts of demands: firing of the officer, charging the officer with murder, anyone/everyone who is a Minneapolis official or officer should be executed by hanging in the public square and an entire array of disorganized, unfocused punishments.
  • Anarchists are active and working to achieve the crumbling of societal order as we know it.

The protestors have employed NONE of the tools or methods available to them under the terms of the federal or state constitutions in order to effect change in an orderly way.




The following comes from available records.

Ms. Damond called ‘911’ reporting that there was a sexual assault and she needed law enforcement assistance.  The perpetrator reportedly departed on foot.  This happened in a residential area of middle-class homes which had been established post World War II.

A two-man MPD unit was involved in the search for the suspect.  They were in an alley which extended behind a row of houses.  It was 10:30PM.  They were dark, (all vehicle lights and sounds were off) and they were moving slowly in order to avoid detection.

Suddenly, and without warning, there was an extremely loud noise very close to their patrol car.  It could have been gunfire or an IED exploding.

Without warning, an unknown person ran up to their patrol car, approaching the open driver-side window.  S/He approached at a high rate of speed and gave no verbal indication of their intentions.

Recap:  dark, lights out, loud sound/gunfire.  Office Noor was sitting on the passenger side of the front seat.  He raised his duty weapon and shot the unknown person at the driver-side window.

The deceased person turned out to be Justine Damond.  She is the Australian about to be married who made the call to the 911 call center.

As of this writing, the officer has yet to be interviewed; he has yet to make a statement regarding the incident.




On July 21st, the chief called the shooting death of Justine Damond, “unnecessary” and went on to say that “Justine didn’t have to die.”

In reality, she DID NOT say officer Noor was wrong or that he is guilty of a crime.  But, she certainly INFERRED that he is.

Imagine this:  you are working a two-man car.  On the daily, in the comments section you write, “My partner, Officer XYZ is SOBER today.”

What would your written statement be implying?

That is exactly what the Chief did.  She threw her officer under the bus.

She has greatly damaged her officer as a sell-out to save her ass and buy silence from the thugs and cop-haters in her city.

CHIEF HARTEAU SOLD HER HONOR.  She is no different from the street-walkers in your community who sell sex for money.

She has forever destroyed the trust her officers had in her and destroyed her standing in the larger community of cops.

The investigation is not over.  Hell, a principal (Ofc. Noor) hasn’t even been interviewed, yet

Harteau displayed a total lack of concern for the Brotherhood.  In my opinion, she is a traitor much like Benedict Arnold or Judas.  Maybe we should send her thirty pieces of silver.




The terribly sad reality is that cops (at the bottom of the food chain) in far too many agencies believe their chief (or sheriff) would do exactly the same thing, i.e. throw them under the bus trying to save their own ass.

Good cops are leaving law enforcement for other careers.  Lots of agencies can’t get enough applicants to fill their openings.  With leaders (I use that term loosely) like Harteau, who would want the job?

Community support is diminishing.   Hell, who can blame the average citizen for a lack of support when agency chiefs don’t even back their own guys?

The wanton behavior from Chief Harteau has probably cost Officer Noor his professional career.  Her actions transmit the message that we cops are disposable.




We street cops are NOT DISPOSABLE.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment below.  Share your thoughts with me.

I was on the street last night.  I had the opportunity to work with two different partners over the course of the shift.  They reaffirm my long-held belief that each one of us is precious.

We strap on a gun, pin on a badge and put on our vest every day.  We kiss our families goodbye not knowing if we will ever return.  My brothers represent everything that is right and good in America.  We love our communities and our brother cops.  In return, most of them love us.

Except for Chief Harteau.  She betrayed every one of us, she betrayed the badge and she betrayed her oath as a cop.  May God have mercy on her because: I certainly won’t.

This American way of life could not exist, as we know it, without the Thin Blue Line and the Brotherhood who defend us all.  God bless my brother and sisters in blue.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.






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