Walk down 400 North Michigan Avenue and you are in a world class shopping district. You could spend a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes and shell out four hundred dollars for a quick lunch.

Walk down 400 North Cicero and you are in a war zone.  You’d better have a pistol in your hand and be prepared to defend yourself. Prostitutes plying their trade and thugs slinging drugs are the norm. Lookouts are stationed all around you and armed gang members are guarding the dope corners.

How did the city fall into such social disrepair? The answers are fairly simple but come with a huge price tag. That tag is being called a racist.

The ethnic makeup of Chicago is fairly equal across the three major racial lines with Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics each representing approximately 30% of the population.

Poverty levels are skewed with Blacks representing 32% of the city’s poor, while Hispanics account for 22% and Whites for 10%.

Unwed birth rate across the U.S. is 40%. In Chicago, 77% of all Black births are by unwed mothers. Hispanics account for 49% of births out of wedlock. Whites account for 30% of illegitimate births.  This should be a red flag.


Just ten years ago, statistics show that Hispanics graduated at the rate of 56%, Blacks at 64%, and Whites at 80%.

The average high school dropout can expect to earn approximately $20 thousand per year, $10 thousand less than a person with a high school degree, and a full $30 thousand less than a bachelor degree holder. Red flag.

72% of all shooting victims or offenders in Chicago are Black, 20% are Hispanic, and 5% are White. Red flag.

The great majority of all shootings in Chicago take place in 6 of the 22 police districts, all with predominantly Black populations. We are starting to see an unwelcomed pattern.



Chicago Police previously had a system whereas a short contact card was filled out every time an officer made a Terry Stop, i.e. a ‘stop and frisk’. Blacks were stopped at a disproportional rate as Whites and a new system was implemented to avoid systematic racism.

A two page report was made mandatory after every person stopped.

That report went directly to a retired federal judge for his perusal, whether the stop was Constitutional or not. Naturally, the use of the stop and frisk diminished exponentially based on the citizen complainants filed and the discipline accompanying them.

Proactive police work was reduced dramatically. Red flag.



With the new wave of activism targeting police officers, absolute adherence to the rules was demanded. Deviating from anything but robotic type responses to the most sinister verbal attacks on the street officers often resulted in immediate examination of the body-camera video.

Too frequently the result was punishment for the offending officer. Red flag.



The Peter Principle: a person rises to the level of his incompetence.

Merit promotions were another disguised method of promoting incompetent people into command positions within the police department. With inept leaders, the cycle continued. Others worked their way up the ladder of merit promotions, often becoming part of the command structure in the CPD.

Politics is a wondrous thing. Eventually this practice would bite the city in the ass. There are now individuals making fundamental command decisions who never passed a promotional exam.

In ten years, (2009 to 2019),  5,444 people have been killed in the city of Chicago. There have been almost 2,000 of them in the past four years. A person is shot every 3 hours and one is killed every 17 hours.




The problem is clearer.

“We cloak our cowardice with the ill-fitting garment of political correctness.” Said Alistair Beggs.

As I wrote in the opening of this piece, some people will label me a racist for exposing the truth. The facts are the facts.

In order to fix a problem, you must identify the problem.

Minority neighborhoods in Chicago are crime-ridden with open drug markets controlled by ruthless and murderous gangs.

Placating the politically correct groups systematically feeds the problem.

You can talk about racism, slavery, unfair job and education opportunities, and underdeveloped neighborhoods all you want. It does no good. In order to effect change, you must fix the problem!

For all of Chicago to share in the economic, social, and educational success, a few very simple guidelines need to be followed:

  • Say no to drugs and gang membership.
  • Graduate from high school at the minimum.
  • Do not have children out of wedlock.
  • Find a job, any job and work hard.

I fully understand that some of these guidelines are very difficult to follow, but they are not impossible. If a young Black man follows these four principles, he will become a success. Positive behavior is contagious. Hard work and diligence will earn him the life that he will deserve.

It’s about time to stand up and be counted. Do the right thing and carve out a life for yourself.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect one another. And as always, stay safe.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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