Over 1,250 people shot with 231 of them have been killed so far this year. Disgusting.

This violent crime wave is not to be blamed on the Chicago Police Department: The entire blame can be found on the 5th floor of City Hall. The mayor of Chicago has fundamentally disbanded the Chicago Police Force.

The mayor continually berates the police in the media while repeatedly calling for citizens, as well as criminals, to lodge complaints against working police officers.

The gang members, street thugs and political soldiers routinely harass the police with despicable language and threats. Collectively, they throw rocks, bottles and firebombs at the police. They physically attack and shoot at the police officers in record numbers which have never experienced before.


This year, 108 Cops have been shot at in the Windy City.  SIXTEEN of them were hit.



Officers are routinely suspended and fired – simply for doing their jobs. Respect is not required to do police work, fear is. The loss of the ability to instill fear in the thugs and gang members is fatal to policing. The mayor has stripped the street officers of that vital component in policing.

The districts are woefully undermanned by beat officers and supervisors. Hiring follows a color code instead of taking the most qualified person for the position. Promotions by race, ethnicity, and gender are now the norm.

Simply put, the Mayor of Chicago has sided with criminals and is waging war against the brave men and women who are attempting to protect the citizens of Chicago.

There is no need to defund the Chicago Police department: it’s already been accomplished, it is Police Reform to the max.

Manpower: the rank of lieutenant is down 50 heads and the sergeants are understaffed by 100. The patrol ranks are completely decimated by early retirement, outright resignations and the hiring of the inept, incompetent, and those who are plainly stupid.

Where they used to have minimum 20,000 applicants show up for the police test, they are lucky if they can get 2,000. And, that’s after a hiring campaign in minority schools and neighborhoods.

The elimination of misdemeanors, drug offenses, and other criminal convictions, that in the past would prohibit a candidate from being a police officer, now has no bearing on the applicant’s qualifications for the job.

Chicago no longer allows automobile chases unless it is authorized by a supervisor, and no supervisor is willing to jeopardize his position by doing so.

Foot chases are now prohibited unless authorized by a supervisor, and the same diffidence by supervisors as the car chases will surrender good police work to covering their ass.

Arrests by officers will undergo immense scrutiny and the primary focus will not be on the criminality of the arrestee. Rather, it will be on the necessity for the physical arrest and whether or not every right and privilege was offered to the offender.

Citations will take the place of the usual physical arrest and if no complainant comes forward, there is no arrest or citation written. Simply walk away.

Warrants will no longer be a function of an investigative tool. No-knock warrants are being eliminated and warrants on residences with children present will be outlawed.

If by chance an arrest is made, the perpetrator will probably be back on the street before the arresting officer can finish the paperwork because of the requirement for signature bonds. Individuals arrested for possessing an illegal firearm have been repeatedly arrested for the same type of crimes and repeatedly set free on no cash bonds. One individual was arrested for a gun, set free. Arrested for another gun and again set free, then arrested for a burglary. ALL in the same day!

Defund the Police? The once worldly-proud Chicago Police Department has essentially been neutered. There is no need to defund the police; they are as strong as a cloud and as threatening to the criminals as a slight mist in the night.

It’s over folks. Last one out, turn off the lights.

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect one another. And as always, stay safe.

 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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