As the annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police unfolded in Chicago this weekend, Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced that he would not be attending the Annual Banquet this weekend. Why?

Johnson won’t attend because the President of the United States is the keynote speaker of the affair.


The annual IACP conference is typically hosted by the law enforcement agency of the venue where it is held.

The event culminates with the Annual Banquet where the President of the U.S. is invited to be the keynote speaker of the evening’s black-tie affair.

Let’s see …  his agency (CPD) is hosting the must-attend conference. The Banquet is the pinnacle event, yet Johnson refuses to attend.


He hasn’t been reported as sick.

There’s no schedule conflict.

Why then, won’t he be there?

The stated reason Johnson won’t be attending is because DONALD TRUMP is speaking.

The REAL reason Johnson won’t attend because Johnson is an asshole.

Johnson is a cop-turned-politician.

He has forgotten where he came from. It’s an affliction many suffer with once they get some bars or stripes on their uniform.

For most of the Street Cops in Chicago, Johnson has become a useless POS.




Many years ago, Johnson reportedly took an official oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all attackers, be they foreign or domestic in origin.


Like the rest of us, he also took an oath which was less formal, but just as important.

I remember that moment when I swore to take a bullet for a brother, without a moment’s hesitation, to save his life.

I took that oath with the deepest, most sincere love for my brothers that any man can muster. The Good Book says, “No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his Brother.”   Amen.

What exactly does that mean? Certainly, ‘LOVE” in this context cannot have a sexual inference. Therefore I ask, “What is LOVE?”

My wife and I learned a definition for love on a Marriage Encounter weekend many years ago.

Love is a decision.

Loving someone means to put their needs ahead of my own.

Every cop does that every minute of every day. We love our brothers. They love us. We would give our own life to save any one of our brothers.




Why do so many cops get to the top of the food chain and then, somehow, become politicians?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that once it happens, the oath about loving your brothers, is vanquished.

Somehow, it gets lost in the shuffle when climbing political ladders becomes your goal.

It seems as though the only time a cop-turned-politician thinks about those of us at the bottom of the food chain is when we do something that draws a lot of attention from the civilian world.

How about when a street cop who’s white is involved in an OIS with a black man?

Then the chief or one of his minions must hold a news conference, stand next to the Mayor and sell-out his own guys to placate the race-baiters like Al Sharpton. Too few of the so-called ‘leaders’ in the cop world actually have the backs of their men.

We’re cops. We can spot a fake from a mile away.




A chief like Chicago’s Johnson will sell his guys out to save his own hide in a New York minute.

Don’t believe me?

Consider Chief Ruszkowski in South Bend. The mayor there is one of the gaggle of Democrats running for President. A patrol sergeant there capped a guy around 0300 one night/morning.

Seems a shithead was threatening the sarge with a hunting knife.  After a few, “Drop the knife” commands and some retreating by the sarge, said shithead was dispatched to the M.E. and the morgue.

In a news conference Hizzonor the Mayor responded to a question about the shooting. He said, “We don’t really know what happened because the officer didn’t have his body camera turned on.”



The implied message: our cops are liars. We don’t trust them or believe what they say.

And the politician in the chief’s uniform bowed down and said, “Yes sir.”




The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) issued a proclamation at the end of one of their conferences.

The proclamation contained many suggestions to law enforcement agencies about improvements they could institute across the country.

This is one the most screwed-up ideas I have EVER read. Hold on. Fasten your seatbelt.

“In situations where a subject is acting out in ways that could justify the use of deadly force, PERF recommends that the officer(s) involved close their eyes, take deep breaths and count to ten.”

Upon completion, the officer(s) should endeavor to de-escalate the situation and calm the subjects involved.

Any officer stupid enough to seriously consider taking such actions should immediately be stripped of their badge and gun and relieved of duty.




New cop applications are down 66% as compared to five years ago.

You and I both know why. The reasons are numerous

No others are quite so bad as the FAILED LEADERSHIP we are enduring right now. Chicago Superintendent Johnson is simply the guy caught in the crosshairs at the moment.

Most of the brass doesn’t have our backs.  Hell, they don’t even know what we are dealing with out there. I doubt they care.


Think about when you’ve seen a member of the brass somewhere talking about our opinion (as a group) on a political issue. THEY ARE CLUELESS.

Example:  gun control. If you listen to some chief somewhere or the head of some chief’s group being interviewed on TV, you are led to believe that we cops don’t want ANY citizens to have guns.

A regular citizen concludes that street cops want to take their guns away because some chief somewhere said so on TV.





Chicago’s Eddie Johnson refuses to attend a dinner where Donald Trump, our Commander-in-Chief will be speaking. Eddie won’t be going so he can cater to the political whims of the democratic mayor and city council.

Eddie doesn’t care that President Trump has been a one-man cheering section for every one of us cops since he stepped into the political limelight.

Trump has shown up at our events. He has spoken to us in Washington DC for Police Week every year he has been in office. He has thanked the families of our fallen brothers and cried with them, too. It’s clear: he loves us the same as a parent would.

Mr. Obama couldn’t be bothered to show up even once in eight years. He called us, ‘stupid.’


Superintendent Johnson doesn’t care.

Because, Johnson is no longer a cop.

Mr. Johnson is a politician.

Johnson doesn’t have our backs and we have no obligation to have his.

The ‘No Confidence’ vote by the F.O.P last week was the right thing to do legally, morally and ethically.

So, Mr. Johnson, you have earned the CopBlue Horse’s Ass Award that you so richly deserve.

Please: don’t address him as ‘Officer’ Johnson. That would be an honor he doesn’t deserve.

As a cop, I swore that I would take a bullet for my brother, without hesitation.

Why? Because I love him.

Goodbye Mister Johnson and …    good riddance.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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