I, for one, am sick of this racial animosity in every endeavor of our daily lives: employment, school, sports, politics, even joyous occasions like holidays, parades, and salutations.

I’m white and proud of it.

I have friends who are black and I support their right to be proud of their heritage, as well. This goes for Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and all the rest of America’s diverse population. The United States is a melting pot of colors and races.



So, how did we get to the point of hating each other? It’s a ploy, a devious, devious ploy. Call it divide and conquer, if you will.

Outside groups like Socialists, Communists, and individuals like Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and George Soros are all attempting to change our society from the inside out. The easiest way to do that is to divide and conquer.

Separate the races and the classes. Ignite the friction between them and sit back and watch the disintegration of the United States.

One easy way to start the process is to give one side something of pride that the other side cannot claim as their own.

  • A holiday.
  • A parade.
  • Special observations. Example, black history month.

Why in the world should we support black history month when all blacks should honor black history every day? Hispanics, whites, and others are just as proud of their heritage as are blacks. Yet, they don’t have a full month, one twelfth of the year devoted to them.  This is a man-made disunion point that separates races and further divides the country.

Instead of pointing out what I believe is wrong, let me ask some questions and allow you the reader to answer these questions.

  • Black beauty pageant. Should there be a strictly white beauty pageant?
  • Black history month. Should there be an Asian history month?
  • A black set-a-side program in awarding contracts in city government. Should there be set number of contracts openly devoted strictly to Hispanic people?
  • Racial quotas involving hiring of blacks in the police and fire departments. Should a number of these hiring slots strictly be devoted to white applicants?
  • There are a number of admittances to higher education set aside strictly for blacks. Should there be a chosen number of student positions held for Native American applicants?
  • Affirmative Action. Standardization. Set-a-side programs. Should we continue to dole-out opportunities by race or some other unchangeable trait?
  • Sports teams like football and basketball are overwhelmingly black. Should we use affirmative action and devote a number of slots to white, Asian, or Hispanic players?
  • Should companies hire strictly based on race and ignore qualifications and experience?
  • Free cell phones, free internet, free housing, free food, free monthly allowances, etc. Should all people receive the same amount of handouts from the tax payer’s vault?

I understand by now, many of you are irritated and some are downright pissed. Let me finish this round of inquiries with one last piece of banter.

  • If you heard the president of the United States say that he promises to do more for brown and black people in the way of job creation …
  • If you heard the mayor of Chicago declare that she will spend tax payers’ money in the black neighborhoods …

How would you feel if you were one of the races or nationalities that were deliberately left out?



There are always two sides to every issue. People are afraid to speak their minds because of the cancel culture and political correctness.

I fully recognize that there were and still are forms of discrimination in our country. But understand, this knife cuts both ways. All races have good and bad people in them. You cannot lift up one group by tearing another down. It is our job to ignore these divisions and strive for equality, not diversity.

When you attempt to make everyone compatible, you dilute the field of skills that are necessary to achieve equality. Some people are simply better than others at doing certain things. Get used to it, it’s a fact of life.

Don’t be ostentatious and try to change history. That benefits nobody except the agitators who are hell bent on destroying this country. Let’s ignore the disingenuous pundits and attempt to see everyone through the same lens.

Look toward the future. Education and hard work are the tickets to advancement – not preferential treatment and handouts. The books in the schools are all the same. The individual effort and the amount of time students study is the key to gaining a good education.

Being on time and working hard at every job – no matter how menial – is another step on the ladder’s rung to advancement. Put the time in and quit trying to change the past.



Drawing from my thirty plus years on the Chicago Police Department, assigned to some very diverse areas of the city, when that radio screams that an officer needs immediate help, the cop’s race never crossed my mind. Black, white, Hispanic or any other mixture of American, color is the last thing going through my mind.

There are a few race-conscious police officers, but 99% of them don’t see color as any defining factor in risking their lives to save a Brother in need. To us, all cops are BLUE!

To all my Brothers and Sisters in blue, lock and load and protect another. And as always, stay safe.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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