The following article is a statement of opinion about the performance of certain police officers.  It is not a political opinion.  It is confined to examining that information which has been released to the public as fact.

Jim Comey

Andrew McCabe

Bruce Ohr

Lisa Page

Bill Priestap

Rod Rosenstein

Peter Strzok

Sally Yates

Benedict Arnold


The American political novel which has been unfolding over the past couple of years is exceptionally intricate and gut-wrenching to observe.  There are many side-stories and people who are too numerous for most of us most to track without a computer.





  • The FISA Court

Some years ago (1978), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was passed into law.   Its purpose is to covertly track the actions of foreign governments and foreign individuals.  It has been amended numerous times since the attacks of 9/11/01.

There is the FISA Court that decides (among other things) when an American may be surveilled.  Second is the technology and people who operate it which actually intercepts communications of people, worldwide.

The technical system has the distinct capability to spy on American citizens, too.  Over the years, many have sounded alarms because they believed FISA was undermining the Constitutional rights of Americans.  Such concerns were routinely brushed aside.

It now appears believing everything was OK, has been an error in judgement.

  • The Cop Shops

The two major players are the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Each agency employs thousands of folks who do a great job.  Our focus here is a very small group at the very tippy, tippy top of these huge outfits who appear to be the source of the problems.

  • The Election

There were principally two major candidates for the office of President:  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • The Influencers, Enablers and/or Peanut Gallery

These people can also be put into groups like:   the media, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and anyone else trying to sway public opinion about the election.


Are there more people involved?  Yes.  Is there a ton of speculation about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future?   You can bet your bippy on that.

For the sake of this article and simplicity, I will stop here.


A campaign for the office of President of the United States started a long time ago.  It feels like decades ago, now.  <Sigh> after a bunch of primary elections, meetings and such, the field was narrowed to Hillary Clinton and first-time politician, Donald Trump.

Both candidates checked the history of each other.  This is very common. It is named, “Opposition Research.”  The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a few million bucks to get one done on Donald Trump.

Strange as it sounds, the FBI threw some money into the pot helping share the cost of what they were about to do.

They hired an outfit called Fusion GPS who promptly assigned the task to Christopher Steele. Again, no problem EXCEPT Steele is a known spy for the British who had strong ties to bad-guy Russians.  Steele got one of these Russian jerks to help him.

Steele came up with a report. The ‘fancy’ guys call it a “Dossier.”   It’s a report, pure and simple.   (They probably gave it the fancy name to make it sound more important.)   It’s still just a report.

The report accused Trump of doing all kinds of bad-guy stuff with the Russians.  Strange coincidence, huh?

The accusations would have made a Hollywood screen-writer proud – if HE had thought them up.

At a later time, many people – including the head of the FBI James Comey – would call the report “salacious” and “unverified.”


The head of Fusion pawned-off his fancy-named report to some cops at the FBI who – get ready – DIDN’T LIKE DONALD TRUMP.   I know, you’re shocked.

The FBI crew starts plotting (see text messages between Peter Strzok and his then main squeeze, Sally Yates) how they have, “an insurance policy” that guarantees Trump won’t ever serve as President.

Without the knowledge of the FBI cops, Fusion starts peddling its reports up and down the street to the media looking for a taker.   Pay-dirt!  Michael Isikoff of Yahoo! News took the bait and ran with it.


The Big Cops at the FBI wrote an application for a warrant to the FISA Court asking for permission to spy on one of Trump’s workers, Carter Page.  We know there were multiple renewals.  There MAY have been others on the campaign who were targeted, as well.

The important news: the warrant applications weres signed by the TOP COPS at the FBI: Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe along with 3-4 others who all attested to the need for spying on Trump people.

The warrant used the Steele report to support the claim for the need to spy.  To bolster their case, they then had the balls to point at the Yahoo! News stories (remember them) as a corroborating source.

This reminds me of an English teacher who chastised me for my answer on a vocabulary test.  “What does butter taste like?” was the question.  My answer, “Buttery.” You get the point.

The cops at the FBI conveniently left a few minor details from the warrant application like:

  • It had been paid for by a combination of Clinton, the DNC and the FBI.
  • It was considered, “salacious” and “unverified” by Jim Comey and others at the top.
  • The source of the Yahoo! stories was the same Steele report as the FBI was citing.
  • The report’s author – Steele – was on record as being willing to do anything to prevent Trump from taking the Presidency.
  • That at least three of the top bananas at the FBI (Strzok, Page and McCabe) were holding meetings and laying out options on how to stop Trump.

I know, all minor details. What would happen if one of YOUR warrant applications had these flaws?   Uh-huh.  You’d be facing charges.

The record show that the FISA warrants MAY have been the launch-point for the Russian collusion allegations and investigations that have consumed the nation for the past year.

Lest we forget the text messages between cops suggesting that they not go to a critical interview with Hillary, “loaded for bear …” because it might anger the someday-powerful witness.

Nor would it be right to omit the fact that the exoneration speech given by the Top Cop (Comey) was written by another cop who strongly supported Clinton’s campaign and it was written weeks before many interviews with key witnesses had happened.


The people who have done this are cops.

They are part of The Brotherhood – OUR Brotherhood.

They bleed the same Blue blood as we.

They do the same job as we do – they just do it in a different place with a much bigger audience.

They have applied a horribly deep bias in the performance of their duties.

How does THAT fit with the Oath we took?

Could you imagine what would happen to you if you did anything CLOSE to this?


We cops are facing untrusting citizens everywhere.   Communities, agencies and individual cops are going to great lengths to rebuild a trusting relationships once again.

And then, highly visible Brothers and Sisters do something like this.

It’s like being a kid in school and having your father convicted of sexually molesting small children. You would face embarrassment beyond words.

There is an indelible smear on the badge of every cop who has EVER carried a badge and we don’t know how long it will remain.


This was an attempt by COPS who were in very powerful positions to misuse the resources of the Federal Government for their own purposes.  They tried to effect who would be elected President in an illegal manner.

So what difference would ONE President make in the overall scheme of things?

Imagine saying the same thing about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln … what difference can ONE person make?

A lot.

As for the tarnish on our Brotherhood … how do we explain it to the families of these cops?


Trpr. Michael Anson, EOW 01/02/18

Lt. Chris Robateau, EOW 01/05/18

Ofc. Chris Beaudion, EOW 01/07/18

Dep. Daniel McCartney, EOW 01/08/18

Det. Michael Doth, EOW 01/17/18

Mrshl. Chris ill, EoW 01/18/18

Dep Heath McDonald, EOW 01/24/18

Ofc. Glenn Doth, EOW 01/28/18

At the end of the day, it’s all about saving and honoring just ONE life.