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It’s that time of year when folks everywhere are thinking about lifestyle changes. For women, their conversations and thoughts usually center on ‘losing weight.’  For men, not so much. A complex study of men and how they look at losing weight was conducted by Weight Watchers some years ago.

Here is what they learned:   MEN DON’T LOSE WEIGHT. THEY GET INTO SHAPE.

This week Danny has the lovely Kim Pervis as his guest. She has been a certified trainer for some twenty years and trained thousands of folks to get into shape  –  and stay there.

She challenges some long-held beliefs in her discussion with Danny. Here’s one: bodybuilding can be a very unhealthy discipline to follow. She knows from first-hand experience because at one time, her husband was a bodybuilder … just like me. I agree with Kim. I’ll let her tell you why she says it’s not healthy.

Getting into shape doesn’t mean that we can never again have food that we enjoy.

It also doesn’t mean that you must spend every spare minute you have either on a treadmill or running down the shoulders of endless miles of roads.



Think about it. We spend much of our workday sitting on our butts. But, when the shit hits the fan, you’re moving at 110% of your top speed.

Now, think about the picture of the two cops at the top of this story. If you were getting your ass handed to you out on the street and you call-out officer assist on the radio …

Which one of these two guys do you want?

For me, I want the guy on the right because the guy on my left will probably get in the way. I’ll end up having to protect him in addition to defending myself. Right?  You know it.

DON’T BE THE COP that no one on your crew wants for backup. You can do better.

Kim says it so much nicer. Take a few and listen up …




“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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