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And live rounds are coming at you, it is critical that you know instinctively what will provide cover as opposed to just offering concealment. There won’t be an opportunity to pull out your phone and look it up on Google. Nope. A mistake now can leave you looking like Swiss cheese while you blood and blue families grieve at the wake.

THIS WEEK, the CopBlue guru and his sidekick, Big Ben Weatherford will bring some of their favorite Cop Toys to the range from a 9mm pistol to a 16 gauge shotgun. In Part I of this series the targets will be doors.

Doors.  The kind we encounter in homes and businesses. Indoor and outdoor. Thin and really thick.

You may be surprised to learn what a little 9 mil will do to the kind of door that we would have a helluva time kicking.

You may even enjoy seeing Ben launch a few rounds while standing on his head … it’s quite a sight to see.



 For the seasoned veterans, this will be a few minutes to refresh your memory on tactical issues you learned long ago. For the rooks, this can turn theory and ‘book-learning’ into real life.

Give it a shot (no pun intended), and let me know what you think.





 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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