With this article, CopBlue continues with our series of video articles. They are published regularly and address a variety of issues which are important to the Street Cops of America.

This week, Dan’s message targets the leaders of law enforcement. Yes, we street cops are welcome to listen, too. His words are clear, concise and should resonate with all of us.

Those who are our leaders – the chiefs and sheriffs of America – have a duty to the rest of us:  Get off your ass, get out of your office, get out on the street and BE SEEN. Lead by example. Get out in front of your troops and show them the way.

As America fights and wins the battle against our invisible enemy: the coronavirus many of us wonder, “What do we do now?”

Should we ‘circle the wagons’ and take our calls from the station? Should we only make an arrest when it is the last resort?  Hell no!

Many Americans are scared right now about their situation and what the future holds. In times like these, the people look for leaders who will set the course and be people they can trust. Those people of trust should be our Brothers and Sisters in Blue.


It is our duty to stand straight and be seen.

When we took our oath of office, we promised to serve in good times and bad. Every hour of every day. No matter what. Now is the time for us to stand up and stand together.

We are counting our chiefs and sheriffs to lead the way so we can follow.

Now is the time.

Please take a moment and listen to Dan’s message as it comes from the heart of one of America’s finest.



 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.




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