If you’re reading this with the intention of joining any Law Enforcement agency that offers you a job, don’t even bother. Honestly, it’s not worth it your time.

It’s not worth it to put your heart and soul into a job that everyone hates you for doing. If you think this job is about making a difference and helping those in need, you’re wrong.

The truth is, not all Law Enforcement agencies are the same. Yesterday’s Leaders are long gone now; the old-school ways are dead. Today’s ‘Leaders’ are simply washed-up Cops who played the political games to advance their own career.

My advice to anyone considering an agency is simple.

Ask the most senior patrolman what he thinks of his own agency. If his answer doesn’t completely contradict everything you’ve ever thought of the agency, then they are blowing smoke.

The truth is this: the grass isn’t greener anywhere. The trick is to find an agency that respects the job, your position and your family. Pay and benefits are secondary in career longevity.

No job is worth crying over, no job is worth losing sleep over, either. If you feel unwelcome in your agency, leave.

Leave before you cannot.


If you really believe that Law Enforcement today is a “family” oriented place, then please, don’t even try it. It’s not. The recipe is simple, kiss the right asses, respond to emails and drive through neighborhoods. I don’t know about you, but I would rather work at Walmart than do that.

Good Cops find crime, good Cops stop bad guys and good Cops make mistakes. Good Leaders recognize good work and reward good Cops.

Weak Leaders punish good Cops, weak leaders discredit good Cops and weak leaders hide behind their desk and judge you from the sidelines. I hate to inform you – those weak leaders exist everywhere. The goal of this article is for you to recognize it early.

If where you work is a bad environment, don’t adapt, leave and search for an agency that recognizes good work. Don’t become the Victim of a Hostile Work Environment like I did.

At first, I didn’t believe there was a bright future for me. I faced a total of ten write-ups, two suspensions and a last chance agreement. While I am far from perfect, but I gave my heart to that agency and went out every night with a mission to make a difference. I have made small mistakes, which were documented every step of the way.

The reality is bad agencies will write you up for those “tiny” infractions (pronounced ‘chicken-shit’). They will tell you “it’s not a big deal; it’s simply documentation of a discrepancy”.

Well, those “tiny” write-ups accumulate. They don’t go away. They will be rolled over like minutes on a cell phone plan. Eventually, those write-ups will be grouped together and combined into a suspension. Those suspensions will be rolled over into a termination if you let them.


If your agency enforces a ‘progressive discipline’ policy, run for the hills. Agencies will use that policy to keep you, it’s a tool used to retain Officers from moving onto other places. If you stay at an agency that continuously harasses you, fight it, contact a union rep, and do not accept anything they give you.

If you recognize it early enough, you can leave it and restart like I did.

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “So, if they hate me so much, they would want me to leave, they will do anything to make sure I leave that agency.”

Well, you’re wrong. Bad agencies will not only make your life miserable, they will black-ball you. Being black-balled simply means that they will go to any length to prevent you from being hired anywhere else.

In my experience, my former agency went as far as calling that potential agency, telling them not to hire me which stopped the entire hiring process from continuing.

I can honestly say that, that was the worst feeling that I had ever felt. I gave up, I quit. I left my first agency with the determination that I was completely done with Law Enforcement.

I was done with the Hostile work environment. I was done constantly watching my back, looking over my shoulder for my supervisor to follow me around, looking for a reason to write me up.  I was ready to do anything else at that point.

Well, I was wrong. I wasn’t ready to be done. I sure as hell wasn’t about to let my first agency destroy my dreams of advancing my career and fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a cop. Even with my record, I was able to find another agency that welcomed me.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest that anyone who is considering a law enforcement career to make a concerted effort to do their research on their desired agency BEFORE APPLYING.

Do not settle for an agency where there is failed leadership. I promise you: good agencies do exist. Good Leaders exist as well.

Editor’s note: Read our recent article which identifies and praises the traits most desired in a leader:  ‘The Chief Every Cop Wants.’


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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