Through the first four months of 2017, Baltimore has experienced its highest murder rate in recorded history.

Effective immediately, shift lengths will increase from ten to twelve hours daily.   Special details, bureaus, administrative staff and every cop possible is being pulled to street patrol.  Of course, the administration wants these cops to do their best to continue handling their ‘regular’ work in their normally-assigned areas.

Leave, vacation time, scheduled days off are immediately canceled for everyone.

Those in management, whether hired, appointed or elected, are frantically trying to find someone – ANYONE – to blame for the current mess.

I suggest those leaders walk to the nearest restroom and take a long, leisurely look in the mirror to identify the source of the city’s problems.




As the country found itself on new footing after WWII, police departments were driven by lawyers and politicians to create extensive writings about policy and procedures.  Having a “Big Book of Everything” sitting on shelves around the station-house kept the city attorneys quiet.

City Attorney HANDIWORK

However, the real decisions about what worked (and what didn’t) happened at the hands of the cops on the street.  The street cops taught one another and they backed one another up.

It was a very natural progression:  survival of the fittest. It went on that way for decades.







During the 1960’s the great (?) thinkers of the time made decisions which would dramatically change life in America and specifically, for law enforcement.  Sadly, the changes have not been positive.

The federal government paid young women (monthly check) for having a baby while keeping the child’s father out of the family home and away from the child.  Oh, it was so well-intentioned.   We all know about the Road to Hell:  it is paved with good intentions.  The common characteristics of that plan (War on Poverty):

  • Children will be raised with no father in their daily life.
  • Children will receive little / no guidance from a male role model.
  • Children will receive no training in “right” and “wrong” from a father figure / role model.
  • Children will grow up believing that it is proper for a family to be fully financially supported by various government programs.
  • Children proved to be (as a percentage of the total) largely black.

The mothers of these children were given financial rewards by our government to create this kind of environment for children since the 1960s.  Today, about 75% of black babies are born to unwed mothers.  The elites call that “progress.”   I have a different term:  “abject failure.”

As almost any cop will attest, it is extremely difficult for a single woman to convert a young male from a kid him into a mature, responsible MAN.  Some would claim it’s an impossible feat.  I tend to agree with the latter.




We cops have never given much approval to people who lie, cheat, steal and commit other violations of the Ten Commandments.


Those who claim they are being ‘profiled’ might give thought to one of life’s very old lessons:  A person is judged  by the company they keep.

It is the foundation of all human learning that we store experiences as they happen in life and then use the past to predict how future similar events are likely to unfold.  God made us that way.  It’s how we survive.

We cannot repeal basic human characteristics on the demand of progressive liberals who consider it profiling or discrimination.

I caution about the use of two words:  NEVER and ALWAYS.  Using either of these two words (or their synonyms) is almost certain to get a cop in trouble.  It is critical that we take all of our experiences to weigh the UNIQUE characteristics of each situation.  That requires the wisdom of Job.




In late April of 2015, Baltimore had endured days of violent protests which were an expression of public anger over their belief that police officers in other parts of the country had mistreated black men.  At the pinnacle was Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Violence was anticipated by the Baltimore cops those days.  They were not wrong.  However, the administration had prepared their cops by disallowing the use of personal protective gear and telling the cops to ‘stand down.’  The mayor had effectively declared it a free holiday for black folks to commit crimes of their choosing.  Over one hundred Baltimore cops were injured.

Freddie got himself arrested – which was not an unusual occurrence for Freddie.  He had a rap sheet as long as your car; the cops knew his M/O quite well.  He had long ago conducted himself in a manner that placed him just a millimeter (or so) above that of a cornered, rabid dog.  In respectable terms, his behavior was the same as a violent predator.

Over many prior encounters, Freddie had proved himself worthy of getting no respect from the cops who arrested him.  The street cops had long ago established a protocol for handling the likes of Freddie.


Like many prior instances, Freddie claimed to have a case of “jailhouse” fever – hoping to trick the officers into taking him to the hospital rather than the lockup to treat his false symptoms.  Seems Freddie had “cried wolf” too many times previously.  The cops dismissed his whining; he ended up dead a few days later.






Name:  Marilyn Mosby.  She used the power of her office in an effort to justify the animalistic behavior of Freddie Gray.

Mosby then used every tool in her arsenal to destroy the lives of six cops and their families:

  • Caesar Goodson
  • Brian Rice
  • Alicia White
  • Edward Nero
  • Garrett Mille
  • William Porter




The cops had performed a task which had been performed thousands of times preceding that day.   They did it in accordance with the established street protocols which had long existed in Baltimore for dealing with violent predators, like Freddie.



When the title “cop” is taken from a man, he is not simply losing a job.  That man is losing his identity – to his core.  In this case, these cops faced claims about their honesty, integrity and commitment to defending the Constitution and American laws.

A cop will stop at nothing to protect their identity and reputation in this regard.

In a man’s world, he gives it the same protection to his reputation as he does his male genitalia:  it’s at the top of the list.  It is protected with his life.

These six cops were skewered in the public square for all to see.  Until its end (many months into the future), these cops were just existing – dangling at the end of a string they don’t control.  Life had stopped in every aspect.


Could you imagine finding yourself in such a circumstance a short time before you were due to be married with your feet a nailed-to-the-floor (so to speak)?

All of this happened to produce political gain for the prosecutor and her cohorts.
  These six cop lives might never recover.




Over time, the Court put Ms. Mosby in her place and gave justice to the officers.

Every cop I knew breathed a sigh of relief when we received the news.

But wait.  There’s more.

Many in the law enforcement community expected that with the ending of the criminal charges, the police department administration would welcome their own home back into the fold.

INSTEAD:  These six cops took another kick in the balls FROM THEIR OWN ADMINISTRATION!   There will be an I.A. investigation which could now result in the officers being terminated from their jobs.  Once again, they are being viciously mistreated while their brothers and sisters in blue must stand by and watch.


The mental scene which comes to mind is a Domestic Violence call where young children are subjected to seeing their father physically abuse/beat their mother.  They are helpless to stop it and tortured by the sight.






We have traveled two years (and some) since Freddie flipped the switch.  Let’s make a list (and check it twice).

  • Murders have spiked in Baltimore to record levels.
  • Property crimes have jumped, as well.
  • Officer turnover in Baltimore has spiked, too. There are lots of vacancies.
  • Baltimore cops seem less than enthusiastic at work these days.
  • Street crews are short, running call-to-call with little time for lunch and other necessities.
  • Baltimore is struggling to find enough qualified applicants to fill its openings.



Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could see what is going on in Baltimore.  What’s up with the morons who are  running the city?

I guess their political agendas got in the way of clear vision.

TO BE BLUNT (not that I haven’t been already):  The elected officials in Baltimore are damned lucky there is ANYONE willing to wear a Baltimore PD uniform these days.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.  (Maybe yours)


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