Ironically, Illinois House Bill 163 was called before the Illinois State legislators for a vote on January 9th, National Law Enforcement Day. This bill, nick-named ‘Defund the Police’ bill, was eventually rolled into HB3653 and was passed by the members Illinois Senate in the stillness of the night.

It is disguised as a police reform bill, but is actually a bill that would end policing as we know it.

The Illinois Black Caucus initiated this legislation which is designed to mimic police reform, but it essentially curtails policing as we know it. It is pro criminal and anti-victim. It will turn society into the old gun slinging Wild West.

Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern-day policing, is spinning in his grave.



  • When you are robbed, raped, or beaten, arrests will not be made.
  • When your automobile, motorcycle, or other property is stolen, arrests will not be made.
  • When your car or house is broken into, arrests will not be made.
  • When your child is attacked, shot, or killed, there will be no arrests made.

This Illinois Black Caucus sponsored bill was passed in the Illinois Senate at 4:00 o’clock in the morning, lacking any input of law enforcement, the state’s attorneys, or victims’ rights advocates. After the 764 pages were reviewed for one short hour, this stunning, anti-law enforcement bill was passed and will change policing in the State of Illinois forever.

All 900 law enforcement agencies in Illinois will be required to have body cameras, but none will be provided financial support to purchase or operate them. This includes places like Bethany, Illinois which has two police officers and total police budget the size of the budget for a modest home.

There will be the option of felony charges placed against officers who do not properly use the cameras attached to their vests. This new felony is titled, ‘Law Enforcement Misconduct’ and could result in a police officer serving up to five years in the penitentiary if he or she fails to comply with this new law.

God forbid an officer leaves the bathroom, forgets to turn on their camera and gets involved in a serious incident.

The Illinois Black Caucus demanded an end to cash bonds because those individuals being arrested cannot afford bail and are forced to sit in jails awaiting their trials. 85% of all violent crime in the city of Chicago is committed by minority offenders.

Systemic racism?

See any connections here?

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about the shoplifter being given a recognizance bond, but, in 2020, there were 50 individuals charged with homicide who were out on electric home monitoring.

The Black Caucus made it simpler for arrestees to file anonymous complaints against police officers. Officers can now be fired at the whim of a citizen. Example: The drug dealers on the corner file anonymous false allegations against the police officer saying the cop slapped him, stole drugs, or worse, he called them a racial term.’

On those false anonymous complaints, that officer can be fired.

Extremely disturbing is a provision that requires a victim to face their attacker at a bond hearing within a few days of an assault. This not only violates the Illinois Crime Victims Bill of Rights, but it will cause additional trauma to victims. I predict more crimes will go unpunished if a victim of a sex crime or domestic battery must be unnecessarily present in bond court.

After being taken into custody, a suspect must be given three phone calls PRIOR to being interrogated by the investigating officers.

The Felony Murder Rule is abolished. When a person is arrested for a violent crime where a life was lost, he cannot be charged with that murder unless he directly caused that loss of life.

Example, from a few days ago in Chicago: three gang members were hunting rival gang members. One individual shot and killed a person thought to be in a competing gang. He was charged with murder, but by the direction of this new law, the other two cannot be charged with his death.

An arresting officer, or other involved officers, will not have the ability to review their camera video prior to the completion of their reports on major incidents.  If their paper doesn’t match the camera video exactly, they will be subject to discipline, termination, or even criminal charges. Ever hear of tunnel vision?

Individuals, who continually ignore traffic laws and repeatedly fail to attend their court dates, will no longer have their driver’s licenses suspended. There will be no punishment. There is nothing a police officer can do. This lack of punishment will become a revolving door and an absolute waste of an officer’s time to write tickets and enforce traffic laws.

No longer can an officer use deadly force to arrest a violent offender. Example: A bank robber confronts responding officers after robbing a bank and killing the tellers. The criminal shoots at the officers and after running out of ammunition, he throws the gun to the ground and runs.

The officer can no longer shoot this person. He must chase him and try to physically catch him.


There are new restrictions of the use of a TASER®. Officers can no long Taze a person in the back, even though the back is the optimum area of the human body to Taze a person. Example: A person is beating his wife and the responding officers attempt to intervene. The offender continues punching and kicking while the officers shout and order him to stop. They can no longer Taze him to end the attack.

The rules governing the use of deadly force is ridicules. An officer must declare to the offender he will use deadly force before discharging his weapon.

Example: An officer responds to a call of a man having been shot. As he exits his squad car and approaches the offender standing over the victim shooting him, the offender turns and shoots at the police officer, the officer is required to issue a verbal warning before returning fire and protecting himself. Remember, video and audio recording.

A police officer can now be fired for incidents that in the past were subject to interpretation and possible disciplinary action:

  • Harassment of witnesses. If an arresting officer yells at an uncooperative witness, he can be fired (think gang shooting).
  • Theft. If an officer is accused of stealing something he may be fired. (think drug arrestee saying officer took $10 from him).
  • Public Indecency. An officer steps outside his squad car on midnights at a desolate area and urinates, he may be fired. Think about running from call-to-call and where there is no bathroom available at 3:00AM.
  • If an officer transmits any obscene messages he may be fired. Think of an off-color joke texted to a friend.
  • If an officer interferes with the reporting of domestic violence. Think any argument with a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • If an officer harasses anyone by telephone or electronic communications while on (or off) duty. Think of an argument with a sales person on the phone, or through an email.

These are minor occurrences in the lives of many people. They are offenses which can cost an Illinois cop his job. Everyday incidents will eventually lead to an officer being fired and lose their ability to earn a living.

Officers can be decertified if found to: fail to intervene to prevent harm from occurring, including not knowingly and willingly refusing to render aid when it is reasonable to administer aid and aid is required.  So, if your partner slaps a person for spitting in his face, you are obligated to turn your partner in for excessive force. Or you will be decertified and fired.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Coalition, a new group comprised of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Sheriffs’ Association and Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, oppose this new attack on law enforcement.

They have worked diligently with the Attorney General of Illinois to compose a modernized law enforcement reform bill, but were betrayed by this pro-criminal/anti-police bill that “gives many more advantages to criminals than the police.

This bill ties the hands of police officers when pursuing suspects and making arrests. “It allows criminals to run free while out on bail,” the group said in a statement.

If you, as a citizen, believe any police officer in Illinois is going to do any police work under these conditions, you’re a damn fool. Police work will be changed forever. This bill protects the criminal and prevents the police from doing anything to protect victims of crime.


Society, as we know it, will die.



 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.


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