The crew at CopBlue sends out an email each week which hi-lights new articles published in the prior week to thousands of subscribers. The email also includes any prior articles which have gotten a larger-than-normal amount of attention from readers.

This week an article titled, ‘The Chief Every Cop Wants’  (  was put in the spotlight because our readers were giving it extra attention. It was a story of an outstanding Chief of Police – Chief Tommi Lyter of Panama, FL. Chief Lyter had endured the loss of one of his best officers.

The young (33 yrs) had contracted Glioblastoma which is a very aggressive form of brain cancer that is always fatal. The cop’s name was Grogan. He left behind a young wife and two sons age 3 and 5. It was a gut-wrenching story, to say the least.

I made a commitment in the final story I wrote about Chief Lyter and Grogan. I told you that CopBlue would attempt to find agencies where most cops dream of working and match them up with cops who deserve great leaders. Well, the time has come.

The need is even greater now with COVID and various changes in the political climate, good cops are even more desperate to find a good place where they will be wanted and appreciated for what they bring to the table.



If you are a seasoned cop, chances are you have heard it talked about if yours is a great agency or there is one in the area. It’s an agency where the brass don’t act like a collection of assholes. Rather, they support their men, give them the tools they need and the space to do the job without breathing down their necks.

Great leaders are compassionate, steady, loving of their cops, constantly works to help their cops succeed in their assigned jobs. They are God-fearing, humble, inspiring and patriotic. They work tirelessly to help their men succeed.

They don’t force their cops into bullshit, ‘box-checking’ types of training.

IF YOU ARE or know of such a chief, sheriff or other leadership role please send an email to, Put “TOP CHIEF” in the SUBJECT line.  More instructions to follow.



Are you one of the guys in your agencies whom everyone admires? Are you one of those cops who others want to share calls with?  You know, when a call comes out, other guys quickly chime in, “I’m close, and am on my way, Dispatch.” If there’s an assignment handed out at roll call, if you volunteer, others immediately want to share the task?

Are you the cop who rookies seek out when they have a difficult report to write? They want you to proof-read it before they submit it. Are you the guy others check with on how to charge a particular traffic infraction on a ticket?

If a cop wants backup on a tough call, are they reaching out to you?

When there’s a question about how to use the car computer or get it un-stuck, or recover from a fatal error of some sort, do other cops call you on the radio with a request for your ‘20’ or just flat-out ask to meet?

Others look at you as confident, but not conceited, happy, solid and one who seldom complains.

If you are or know of such a cop, deputy, or other LEO, please send an email to,  Put “TOP COP” in the SUBJECT line.  More instructions to follow.



 Sergeant, Lieutenant and others in middle management can look for a way out, too.

If you are middle level officer, please send your email to   Put “SARGE” in the SUBJECT line.  More instructions to follow.



Send an email to the appropriate email address (the one that fits your situation).  If you are a Top Chief, you will receive the information for cops who are open to relocating, if necessary and working for you and your community.

Top Cops and Top Sarge information will be sent to those chiefs and agencies which fit what they are looking for.

All contacts should include the sender’s name, address phone and email. They should also include their rank and current agency, if currently employed.

Chiefs should include a brief statement about what makes their agency so good.

All other officers should include a brief bio giving a prospective chief what he’s getting if you are his choice.

Of course, if there is anything to avoid, please note that such as:  I only want to work in a southern agency where there is little/no snow.



I admit, we’re new at this. We will give it our best but it can only be as good as those who participate.

If you believe yourself to be a good cop who is frustrated by asshole administrators, give this some serious thought. Conversely, if you’re a chief burdened with jerkoffs, this may give you some relief.

Be safe out there.


 “Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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