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This week Danny talks with his guest, Candace Gleason. She is from Darlington, SC originally. She was raised there is a wonderful emblem of a lovely Southern Lady.

You would never be able to detect that she is walking around with a head full of horror, misery, death and other crap that life has dealt to those around her. She chose a career of being an EMS Paramedic and is a Tech Rescue Specialist, as well.


Candace has worked locally, but didn’t let it stop there. She has been on teams that cover the county, the state and if needed – anywhere in the country.


She has worked on a helicopter rescue team.


She talks with Danny about what drew her to this career. To us cops, we can’t help but wonder how she kept her mind from imploding after years of handling the death and horrible destruction of human beings.


Can you imagine what it’s like to have one of her nightmares?  No thanks.


She shares her story from the heart and she just may be able to help you get over some of the hurdles you’re facing, too.


Listen to her wisdom. I promise you can’t help but like her, too.



“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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