On March 14th, tens of thousands of school kids left their classrooms to join a nationwide demonstration.

Their demands were for safe schools.



It turns out that their demands were not for demanding safe schools.

Their demonstrations turned into making demands for stricter gun control laws.

Their moment in the sun was stolen from them by the likes of Michael Bloomberg and his multiple gun control groups like Moms Demand Action.

The gun controllers are waging a battle that is impossible to win. The well-intentioned, but naïve, youngsters became part of a mission that is destined to eternal failure.



This was a real learning opportunity for young people. They could have had a real-life lesson in critical thinking. They could have considered various possible solutions: what could work vs. what will never work.

These students could have gained practical experience in the law-making process. They could have gained knowledge about swaying public opinion and building support for a movement.

Instead, the chance to teach was pissed away.



These students could have learned some fundamental facts about America.

It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns owned by civilians.

The right to have and bear arms is a fundamental right which is enumerated in the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

In every country where the citizenry have been stripped of their right to keep and bear arms, the government first sought to remove firearms from the hands of the civilians. Nazi Germany is a prime example.

There are those Americans who claim gun confiscation could never happen in the United States. They are wrong. Most recently, guns were taken from civilians in New Orleans following Katrina and again in Puerto Rico following hurricane Irma last year.



When villains attack anywhere, the American response is to harden the target. We don’t attempt to take the weapon(s) used in the attack because it doesn’t work.


  • Look at airplanes after the attack of 9/11/01. The TSA and Air Marshall program came into being
  • When bad men robbed banks, we put armed guards inside the banks.
  • We put metal detectors and armed guards at the entrance to most government buildings.



A few months ago, a bad guy out east rented a Home Depot truck. He used it to mow-down and kill bicycle riders in Manhattan. Was there an immediate call for TRUCK CONTROL laws? No.

Two brothers built bombs and placed them at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two innocents were killed; hundreds were wounded. Did Congress respond by introducing PRESSURE COOKER CONTROL laws? No.

When a drunk driver is involved in a car wreck that kills others, do we begin an investigation of what kind of car he was driving, or what kind of booze got him drunk? No.

We have learned that laws limiting access to weapons simply don’t work. That’s why we harden the targets.

We should be doing the same thing with schools.

For those who believe we can rely solely on the police to protect us, remember these wise words, “When seconds count the cops are only minutes away.”



Most of those calling for more gun control laws have probably never fired a gun and have no formal training on firearms.

They call for “Common Sense” gun laws. They typically mean universal background checks. The law already requires any commercial sale of a gun be preceded by a background check. The only change such a law would make is requiring a background check before I gave or loaned a gun to my son or daughter.


They call for limiting gun magazine capacity (incorrectly called ‘clips’) to hold no more than ten bullets. How can they predict that the bad guy breaking into your home at 3:00AM doesn’t have a magazine holding far more bullets than ten? They can’t. This is the kind of law that makes us feel good but accomplishes nothing positive.

They talk about banning “assault rifles.” That kind of weapon is defined as a gun that can fire automatic bursts, i.e. a machine gun. Machine guns have been illegal in the U.S. since 1934.

They mistakenly call the AR-15 an assault rifle purely because of its appearance. The fact is they are much weaker than a full-sized rifle. Further, they have never been used by the military because they are too weak.



These school kids could have learned in real-life about the significance and strength of these four words in the Second Amendment: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

They would know why the Framers included them and why they won’t change without a bloody conflict, i.e. a civil war.

These students could have learned how to identify the real core problem: unsafe schools.

They could have gone through the deliberative process of developing potential solutions and tested the expected effectiveness of each one.

They could have learned, first-hand, what it is like to convince others of their position and negotiating to a mutually agreeable solutions that actually solve the problem

From our vantage point, most likely, they would have received a real world lesson in government. They would come to understand and appreciate the role that law enforcement plays in our social order.

Most of all, we could have expected these students would become members of society who are contributors that want to solve problems and move the country forward.

Instead, they have been duped; co-opted and had their real purpose stolen from them.

Likely, they would have our backs. Instead, they will probably end up angry and cynical.

Such a shame. A terrible loss for them and for us.

At the bottom line, it comes down to saving just ONE life.



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