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Too often, these days, cops can feel like we are fighting a battle in a fog.  Fighting in a crowd where we are uncertain who is friend or foe.

The administration, city officials and – sometimes – even our own union seem to be on the “other side.”  Finding solid footing seems the pressing order of the day.  In order to get the job done, we need to get a handle on the situation by taking inventory.

This humble scribe will try to take inventory of the major elements in our collective lives.



Happily, we now have a President, Vice President, Attorney General and an entire administration who supports what we are doing.  Cops are being praised often and loudly

At his speech in front of thousands of coppers attending Police Week in May, President Trump said, “Go do your jobs.  We’ve got your backs.”   AMEN

Unsurprisingly, the long-time, career politicians who have made their lives on the backs of the Failed Poor are not going quietly away.  Why, just today, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota made an absolute ass of himself and his ilk as he tried to skewer the Attorney General on the mantle of identity politics.

They can go to Hell.

The newly elected have been put there by “Flyover Americans,” most of whom cling to their Bibles and own guns.

D.C.’s old-timers are angry.  They are hypocritical and they won’t give up easily.  Think of the three Senators who saved Obamacare.  Their days are numbered.  Americans have “had it.”  Enough is enough.

The newbies, on the other hand are upsetting the old ways.  The most fun about the newbies is that they haven’t yet figured out what they CAN’T do.

This crew of kids is gaining their footing.  We need to support them like they are supporting us.

What does that mean for a cop?  First, remember that many LE agencies have policies about what is done in uniform or in any way ties it back to the agency.   Your options are few:

  • Don’t do anything at all.
  • Get your spouse to stand in for you.
  • Don’t do anything which ties you to the job.

But, do it you must.  Pick up the phone.  Sign a petition.  Write a letter to the editor.  Remember: the newbies are fighting a daily battle, too.  It’s just different than ours.

Remember also, a pat-on-the-back is just as important to them as it is to you.

You CAN do something today – right now.  There is a movement named, “Convention of States.”   It is a group that has proposed about ten amendments to the Constitution like this:

  • Term limits for Congress
  • Twelve year term limit for Supreme Court Justices
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Give the states and Congress authority to overturn Supreme Court decisions

The approach: The Constitution Article V allows the calling of a meeting JUST OF THE STATES to propose amendments. Those amendments would then put before all the states for ratification.

It would put real teeth and power back in the hands of the states.

It would exterminate the Ruling Elites.

Check it out here:  CLICK  and make your own decision.



It’s been said:  “The world is a scary place.”   Yes, it is.  But, not because some other country has military superiority over America.   Nor, is it because the people of any other country are stronger or more determined than Americans.

Nope.  None of that.

The fear comes from an old business line:  “An idiot is my toughest competitor.”  Dwell on that for a moment and then think of the boob running North Korea.  Idiot, first class.

It’s important to recognize the major threats that to the American people:

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • The Middle East (broadly)
  • China
  • Russia

I know: there are others.  Enemies come and they go.  For the obvious reasons, these are the ones who keep our Military planners in their jobs.  Thank God for those guys!

Yes, I know that the current jerk who leads Venezuela (and Cuba) are no friends.  But, we don’t truly fear an invasion on our shores from them.

With the political change, our military is getting stronger by the day.  Without question, it can’t be touched in terms of physical power.

From every available measure, the mental stamina and power of our guys in uniform is over the top.  President Trump and his cabinet (think General “Mad Dog” Mattis) have gotten them to their mental peak.

Any foreign leader thinking of messing with this crew better think again (see earlier reference to “idiot”).


What can you do?   It’s the small stuff – just like with us.

When I see someone with some kind of veteran designation, a “Thank you for your service,” is always in order.

I flew through Atlanta a short while ago.  A military man was in line behind me as we waited to pay a cashier for some carry-out food.   I paid for his and told him, “Your money is no good here.  Be safe and thank you.”

Nothing big.  But, it sure is big to the person receiving your gratitude.



This one is tough because it has so many faces.

The problems weren’t brought to their current magnitude by a single person or group.  To some extent, we all share some of the blame – if only because we didn’t stop it when we could.

Now’s the time.   Today is the day.



One of the real challenges is that there are folks (some of them citizens) in our country who do NOT value American ideals highly.  Given a chance, they will do damage our people and our country.  The options here are few.

First, they must be identified.  Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are doing an incredible job.  But, let’s face it: they are looking for needles in haystacks.  We continue to depend on others pointing them out.  Listen closely.

There have been thousands of successes.  But, we cannot forget:

  • San Bernardino


  • Pulse Nightclub, Orlando
  • Black church in South Carolina

These are the biggies.  Unfortunately, there are “small” things that don’t hit the national media.

Once we know who the people are who want to take our way of life, there aren’t many options.  The only truly effective answer:  kill them.

No, I don’t like it either, but rehabbing an Islamic Terrorist has yet to prove effective.

As new judges are beginning to fill the Courts, cops are starting to feel some confidence that justice will once again be served and their efforts to clean the streets won’t be undone by a liberal judge’s gavel.

The wealthy will probably remain wealthy.

The middle class.  Ah, yes they can see some changes on the horizon.  With the changes in the federal government and expect changes in the tax system, the economy is already showing some excitement.


For those old enough to remember the 1980’s, when the economy takes off, everyone goes with it.    Sort of like an airplane taking off:  all the passengers are on board.  No one is left standing on the ground.



Unfortunately, some folks never get on the plane.  Hell, they didn’t even make it to the airport:  the Failed Poor.

The vast majority are Black.  But, the Blacks aren’t alone.  Evidence?  Drive through any “bad” neighborhood on a hot afternoon and look at the racial makeup of the people living there.

You can see for yourself because:  they lack air conditioning and are outside trying to cool off.

These people are our biggest challenge.  They are fellow citizens.  They are human beings – just like us.  It was the powerful who created this group and the majority (a/k/a ‘whites’) silently went along.

The bill is now due.


There are attributes which many in this community have in common and should be identified if they are to be changed.   No, they are not “comfortable” topics to discuss.   That’s the way life is.

  • There have been generations (about sixty years’ worth) who have received a poor education – or nearly none, at all. Education is not valued for its own sake here.
  • This group’s view of the world is generally quite narrow. They often don’t see how their life affects (or is affected) by counties, states, countries, and the entire globe.
  • Absent a fundamental understanding of their world, they don’t know how to effect changes in it. This leaves them often feeling frustrated and angry with their circumstances.
  • This group of people use sex recklessly. There is no connection between the pleasures sex can bring and the responsibilities of raising the resultant children to adulthood.
  • Because of government handouts, a new baby is too often viewed by an expectant mother as a pawn that will bring a larger government check – rather than the wonderful gift that babies should be.
  • Too often, there is no influence from organized religion in their lives.
  • Children grow up with no father in their lives. Much too often, a child has never met – and doesn’t know who his father is.  OF NOTE: Fathers are almost always a requirement to convert a rebellious young male into a responsible adult man.
  • The Ruling Elite has placed only one value on this bloc of people: their blind willingness to vote in order to ensure the unending supply of money from the federal government.

I remind you:  WE have ALL had a hand in creating this.   WHAT are we going to do to correct it?



Over the years, we have listened to many political types who were seeking your vote.  They blathered on endlessly about how just, “a little more money” thrown at this problem will fix it.

Hogwash.   Liars, one and all.  They spew this verbal trash for personal gain.

Sort of like when you find drugs in a kid’s pants pocket and he tells you the pants, “… belong to my brother.  They aren’t mine.”     Uh-huh.

At times of uncertainty, I find guidance by looking back in history and thinking about how previous generations would fix a problem.

Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  I recall hearing the news.   It was before the Great Society or War On Poverty and really begun to decimate the Black community.

What would he do today?    Encourage indiscriminate use of out-of-wedlock sex?  I don’t think so.

In 1785, the Continental Congress ordered a survey of the Northwest Territories.  They created townships throughout and ordered land be set aside in each for a public school house.

How do you suppose that Congress would view today’s disregard for education?

Go through the list of problem areas.  You get the idea.



We have arrived at a point where groups have formed based upon a totally false set of “facts” – otherwise known as BS in some circles.

  • Cops discriminate against Black people
  • Cops are killing Black males at a record rate
  • Cops can kill Black people with impunity
  • The only form of defense for Black people is take action against cops with violence often in large groups.

One might consider the above list plausible unless the list is compared to empirical facts of the current year, the last five or ten years.  It just isn’t true.

However, the people hearing this nonsense don’t know any better.  It is emotionally compelling and they follow its allure.



The Failed Poor of today are doing what they’ve seen done by parents, grandparents and those before them.  They can’t fix it.  Too many just don’t know anything better.

So, what are the goals for setting things straight?    Understand, this is just one man’s opinion.  I don’t have a corner on intelligence or good ideas.  Yours are most welcome.  (Use COMMENTS below)



  • God must return to their lives.
  • Education must be valued and completed to the point of adult productivity.
  • The indiscriminate use of sex must stop.
  • Two parent (mother/father) homes must become the norm.
  • People need to be involved in their communities.

Now, before any of the “liberals” hyperventilate, take 30 seconds and think of this:


If these problems laid out earlier were faced by a Pilgrim community, what might they have done?


We live under a Constitution today that was written by people of that mindset.  George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Martin Luther King would have likely all endorsed this list of actions.

And you?

It was once said by a very wise man (I forgot who):  “The primary job of society is to SOCIALIZE THE MALES.”

Profoundly well put.



 The list is kind of long.  But, it is far complete.  I will throw out a few ideas.

Why should we cops bother?  Because our lives depend on it.  This will require the sacrifice of a few civil liberties to get us over the top.  However, consider for a moment what will happen to our country if these changes don’t happen.

When the country was being settled, bullshit behavior and the killing of good guys wasn’t tolerated.  Its perpetrators ended up with a footstone, six feet under.  Are you any less willing to protect the future of your kids, today?

Let’s go.


It’s a simple concept that I used when I was an elected official (oops, did I admit that?):

We will keep the ones we’ve got – but no new people need apply.

Now, these are crazy ideas that need a LOT of refinement.  But, I suggest their foundation is solid.

  • Cash to single mothers each month for each child when no father is present.
    • Nothing changes for the next nine months.
    • Thereafter, no new applications will be accepted.
    • Afterward, if you have a child that you cannot support, it must be surrendered for adoption and you will be sterilized.
    • If the father is identified and refuses to get married and raise a child he fathered, sterilize him.

A more aggressive program will be needed for males – primarily because we are horny bastards who are also hard-headed.

For those males being raised in a home with a mother and father, is crime-free AND is a successful school student, society stays out of their business.

Other males will require intervention.

  • Create a “civil service” type program that enrolls young males around their age of puberty (13-14).
  • It would meet multiple times weekly.
  • It would provide counsel and assistance to the mother / father.
  • It would stay on top of the kid’s progress and behavior in school.
  • It would monitor and act on any encounter with the law.
  • It would create and enforce curfews.
  • As necessary, it would administer an oral drug which causes impotence.
  • Once high school was completed, the male would be sworn into the army for a five-year hitch.
  • At the end of the military service, the male would get guidance being reintroduced into civilian society.
  • Over the duration of the program, any male who proved unmanageable and uncooperative would be castrated.

For those who haven’t freaked-out, a few thoughts:

Consider what the future is for most of today’s young Failed Poor and more importantly, young Black males.  At best, it is bleak.  They deserve better.

Second, look back at history to the colonial times.   If there were a group of people (like today’s Failed Poor) behaving as this group does now, there would be action.


The group behaving badly would be pushed out of the community into a place some miles away.  They would be left to fend for themselves and any attempt for a “bad guy” to return to the original community would be shot on sight.



 The Ruling Elites have met with some success.   They have been able to gin up a bunch of the Failed Poor into an emotional frenzy as they spout one lie after another about the hate cops have for Black people.


Here are a few clips from some very real recent stories in the news:


 Black Lives Matter shouts down ACLU




Celebration of free speech at William & Mary College in Virginia took an unexpected turn last week when protesters from Black Lives Matter swarmed the stage and forced the event to end. And some critics blame this behavior on Trump.

The 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has spawned a violent domestic threat from “black identity extremists” who have stepped up attacks on police, according to an explosive new report by the FBI’s counterterrorism division.

The warning, first reported by Foreign Policy magazine, says that “it is very likely BIEs proactively target police and openly identify and justify their actions with social-political agendas commensurate with their perceived injustices against African Americans …”

De-Escalation Training: Learning to Back Off

De-escalation tactics can enhance officer safety as long as officers are properly trained in what they need to do and agencies realize there’s not always time and space for officers to pull back.

The NYPD was one of the first cities to revise its police training programs in the post-Ferguson era.  Its new in-service training program was implemented after the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement following Ferguson and the death of Eric Garner during an arrest. And it got off to a bad start when local tabloids used anonymous statements from attendees to ridicule the department. At the time the program reportedly included such tactically unsound advice as officers should close their eyes and take a deep breath before confronting a subject in the street.  Officers were understandably not receptive to the idea of closing their eyes at the beginning of a potentially violent engagement. Nobody seemed to mind the part about taking a deep breath. The program has since been revised and receives much better officer response.

Seattle Shooting Raises Questions About Officers’ De-Escalation Efforts

On Monday, Seattle officials released dash cam audio of a Sunday morning police shooting that left Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of three, dead.

– Lyles, 30, was African-American.

– The two officers were white. They have not been publicly identified.

– Lyles had been arrested two weeks earlier at her house after she threatened other officers with scissors.

– Police said Lyles was armed with one or more kitchen knives.


Justice Department Applauds Adoption of Police Department-Wide Tactical De-escalation Training Program in Seattle.

De-escalation more broadly refers to the strategic slowing down of an incident in a manner that allows officers more time, distance, space and tactical flexibility during dynamic situations on the street.

Widow of Fallen Missouri Police Officer Pens Emotional Note a Year After His Death

Elizabeth Snyder, left, St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder and their son Malachi.

Snyder’s husband, Blake Snyder, was killed Oct. 6, 2016, while responding to a disturbance call at a park. He was shot point-blank, and an 18-year-old man was later charged in the killing.

My love, my closest friend, my confidant- was gone. Just like that. Shock took over my body. That day is still a haze. I remember seeing him, not being able to touch him because of the crime that was committed. I didn’t even get to hold his hand one last time. I didn’t get to kiss him, or hug him. Or be close to him. He was taken away from me, and all I could do was cry.

These are very real stories in today’s news.   It didn’t happen somewhere else.  It didn’t happen to someone else.  It happened in YOUR family.  It is happening right now.




Between the Ruling Elites and the Failed Poor, there is a cancer growing in the United States.

Too often, they are using cops for target practice.  They are wantonly killing our Brothers and Sisters in Blue.


Remember this:  The path to control for Hitler and the Nazis was to place the blame for all of Germany’s woes on the Jews.  I know, that sounds ridiculous — now.

But it happened.

Over SIX MILLION Jews were exterminated in the death ovens operated by the Nazis.

All of that happened to allow a political group to gain and hold control over a populace who felt disadvantaged.

Jump ahead about eighty years.  Listen to the words of politicians who want the Failed Poor – and especially the Black community – to believe that the source of their problems rests with law enforcement, i.e. the Cops.

WE ARE CONCERNED because we love our country; we took an oath; it is our families who are paying a terrible price in return for the political gain of a few.

They are angry at cops.   Their angry is based upon pure fiction.  They know the actual cause of the mess in which they live.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew better.   Unfortunately, he is gone.

But, his teachings remain.

We can choose to follow teachings like his or we can continue on a road to our own demise.

I liken it to finding a rotten spot on an apple.   It can be cut away.  Alternately, I can put it back, pretending the bad spot isn’t there.  The entire apple rots.

What do you choose for America?

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.







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