Chaos was on order in Brooklyn, New York late Tuesday afternoon when two police officers stopped a male for drinking in public. The stop, which happens routinely in NY and especially the Borough of Brooklyn, went sideways quickly as the interaction turned violent. The attack was caught on a video surveillance system and shows just how quickly things can go south in a city that prides itself on benefits and privileges for perpetrators.


Chaos in Brooklyn, New York new norm


Now as you can imagine, the officers took their licks and ultimately, got their man. While their ego may have certainly been bruised, they maintained composure and a professional demeanor in the face of unruly and unlawful savages. Honestly, I would have preferred if the miscreants involved got pounded into the pavement and required hospital stays as door prizes to entering the game of life, but some would think I’m just old school.

The true injury here didn’t come from the assailants and the true victims were not the two officers assaulted. What came after would prove far worse for the Department and the good, hard working residents of NYC.

It hasn’t even been begun and it’s going to get worse.


Once the situation was mended, the low life’s identified as Bryan Williams, 29 and 37-year-old Darnell Brown were taken into custody for processing. Police charged Williams with robbery, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, and was given a violation for drinking in public. Brown was also charged with robbery and assault on a police officer, and obstructing government administration.

His arraignment was pending as of Friday morning. In regards to Williams’s arraignment on Wednesday, the presiding judge ordered him released without bail inside Brooklyn Criminal Court. Assault of an officer, robbery and resisting are no small charges and the no bail regulations don’t go live till January, 01 2020, but already the worst of society are reaping the benefits of a socialist utopia.


To the officers of the NYPD, know that your retired brethren support you and whatever or however way you handle this growing problem. To the people of New York, know that as things get turbulent in Gotham, these brave men and women are going to need your support and understanding. To the Unions representing the men and women that protect this once fine city remember, it takes more than talk and rhetoric to do right by them.

While it is not popular, perhaps its time to think about more aggressive tactics in assuring your membership is no longer available as pawns of the politicians and that the brass learn or rather re-educate themselves that their greatest successes come from leading their men and not kissing politicians asses.


Failed Politics lead to Failed Leaders



For those fearful of reprisal know that there are ways to fight the system by properly and appropriately turning it against itself.

Use the guide that restricts and regulates you as a source to limit the games they can play against you. Remember that there is overwhelming and absolute strength in numbers.

Know that with unity, all things are achievable and the impossible are absolutely possible. Look no further than A Police Officers Safety Guide in Troubled Times: New York City Edition, if even for just finding your own inspiration or starting point.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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