It is time for a scenario.

This is you:  You are a cop with a few years on. You work patrol in a mid-sized agency of about 220 officers located in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Your crew has twenty guys working – when everyone shows up. You are the “range guy” for the crew. You keep track of certs, training records and help anyone of them when a weapons-related issues arises.

You hear through the grapevine that a lateral officer has been hired. The new guy has been around; he’s been a cop long enough to collect longevity pay at his former agency. His prior agency was Lakeland, FL PD.



You met him a few weeks ago; his name is Jason. He is scheduled for an abbreviated FTO phase. You’ve heard from the sergeant that his D.O.R.S. have been looking very good. After a few weeks, you have been on a few calls with Jason. It’s pretty clear that we can count on him when shit goes sideways.

You were told at roll call today that Jason will be a regular on your shift, starting tomorrow. He will be working part time to fill some of the gaps caused by vacation, days off and stuff.

On our crew, there are ten section cars and five two-man cars that cover the entire city handling the more serious stuff. After a couple of months, you’ve been paired up with Jason working a city car on a few occasions.

Jason has reached a point where your crew:

  • Likes his personality
  • Likes his work ethic
  • Likes his commitment to other cops
  • Likes how he handles citizen contacts

Jason has reached a point where he is now, one of the crew. It’s almost impossible NOT TO LIKE him. He has your back and you have his.



One recent night you and Jason are partnered in a city car. You mention that it’s time to replace your tactical boots.

Jason casually mentions his family has a business selling weapons, ammunition, police gear and some apparel. He told you about a new tactical boot which has just been introduced by Under Armour.

You are really surprised at this news. You like Under Armour products, but they can be expensive. Jason then told you the prices at their place are really good. He offered to bring a pair in so you could try them. If you don’t care for them, he will take them back to their store.

You told him to go ahead, figuring you didn’t have anything to lose.

Next shift, Jason brought the new style Under Armour tactical boots in and you tried them on in the locker room. They were FANTASTIC! When you put them on, they felt like you had been wearing them for years, yet looked brand new.

You were nervous to learn the price because Under Armour’s stuff is one of the more expensive brands. When Jason gave you the price, you were blown away. These Under Armour boots cost you less than the ‘cheap’ pair you would have normally paid our regular supplier for new boots.



No, this is not a crazy scenario. Things like this really do happen, although the precise story unfolded a little differently.

The character named Jason in real life is Jason Fields. He is the director of law enforcement sales for Fields Outdoor Adventures. Maybe more important – as far as WE are concerned, he is also an officer with the Southport [IN] Police Department (#SPT77) where he works, part time.

If you’re a cop / LEO, Jason has your back.



Fields Outdoor Adventures is located in Rushville, IN.  Website:

For the past ten years, Fields has supplied ammo, firearms and assorted gear to university, college and other education based law enforcement agencies in thirty states across the country.

Jason shared that he currently takes care of 20,000 individual cops in all of those agencies. Based on what my research has found, Jason takes every one of those 20,000 cops to heart as if they were his ….   BROTHERS.

And, to him: they are.


CopBlue has partnered with Fields because their primary goal is the same as ours: At the end of the day, it all comes down to saving just ONE life.

We are excited to work with Jason and his team, who will write a series of informative articles in months to follow.

Jason is a street cop – just like you. He’s no sideline player trying to tell you how to do your job. He does the job and he wants you to be just as safe as he is.

When some salesman wants to sell him something new, he has the skepticism of a good cop. When it comes to cost, he said the price better be good, or you will be out.

Every agency and every cop pay exactly the same price for the same goods.

Jason offers gear that works well, removes as many of the ‘what ifs’ as is humanly possible and does it for a price that few will match. You can reach out to Jason here:

Jason Fields

Fields Outdoor Adventures

Rushville, IN

Phone:  (765) 932-3964




This humble scribe reached out to interview a couple of cops who know and do business with Jason Fields. Here is a summary of their thoughts about Jason and his company.


  • Jason is a rare person
  • Very much pro law enforcement
  • They treat me like family
  • Jason never stops trying to help law enforcement is some manner
  • He is passionate about helping his brothers
  • He is quite willing to, ‘Go above and beyond’



  • Customer service at Fields is outstanding
  • Jason is like a caring friend – make that a brother
  • Fields has great prices
  • Visiting the store is like going home
  • Jason is, ‘one of us’


To our readers, I want to introduce you to Jason and to Fields. He and I first met a few weeks ago. When I became a cop, I learned that when I meet another officer, my instincts would tell me within minutes if that new person is a real cop in their heart or if they are a ‘plastic cop’ who is just here for the safe paycheck and/or the prestige of a gun and badge.

Jason is the real deal. He would do anything to help a brother cop. In this short time, I feel like I’ve known him all my life and I trust him. I believe you will feel the same. Hit him up by phone or email; tell him Jim sent you.

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.




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