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After handling a tough crash, You talk with the Chaplain …

After He has seen a Hundred of them, where does He turn?


Think about it. You’ve been dispatched to a crash with injuries. It happened on the freeway where it’s likely to be gruesome and you try to prepare yourself.

But, on arrival, you realize that there was no way to be ready for THIS. Worse, kids are involved. Mangled. Likely deceased where they lay.

Hours later, when it’s all over, it’s just you. All by yourself. Survivors to the hospital, others to the ME. Vehicles towed, the pavement cleaned up & reopened and the initial on-scene crash report is done.

You head back to the station as you try to sort-out the thoughts in your head. There is so much, you’re not quite sure where to start. You’re hungry as hell and you need to piss like a race-horse. Some guys might cry a little (or a lot) as they try to pull themselves together before arriving at the station where they will face the others on their crew.

On arrival, the first order of business is relieving your bodily needs, before you explode. Then, sit down and start chomping on the sandwich you picked up at Subway on the way in. A few bites into your food and the Chaplain quietly pulls up a chair, nearby.

Yes, there are a few hours of paperwork to be done. But, that can wait. The room is quiet; there’s just the two of you. He looks you in the eye and tears start running down your cheeks. He does his best to comfort you as you try to regain your composure.



He assures you that your reactions are normal – even for a tough, Type ‘A’ cop who is able to fight grizzly bears with just a stick. The chaplain knows what to say and more important – what NOT to say, i.e. when he should just be quiet and sit there with you.

He seems to be able to absorb your worst feelings: anger, confusion, sadness, frustration and the feelings any normal adult (especially a parent) feels when they have had to scrape bodies of children off the pavement. Dead.

He cannot take it all from you. Just enough to keep you from going over the edge.



 You know how shitty you feel.

But, how can this super-human chaplain absorb so much of your pain and then do it over and over with other cops? Maybe a hundred times.

What prevents him from exploding under the load?


This is the story of Frank Stoda. For most of his life, he was the Communications Director for Fairfax County, VA.  No slouch operation, to be sure. He did it for 40+ years.

If that weren’t enough, he has also been on the special response team and supported people in horrible tragedies like: CIA parking lot shooting, earthquakes in Turkey, Kenya Embassy bombing, DC sniper shootings and others.

He supports us cops and our hose-dragging brethren. He is currently the Acting Chaplain for the Darlington City Fire Department.

Frank shared his story and wisdom with CopBlue’s own Chief Danny Watson (ret.).  Spend a few minutes with Danny and Frank by watching this video. I’m sure it will be rewarding and uplifting.




“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.



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To our BROTHERS and SISTERS in BLUE:   We have now arrived at the time in the ELECTION SEASON when each of us MUST pay close attention to what candidates are saying. Every person we elect in November can affect our lives as cops.  Will we THRIVE, just get by or will we DIE?

  • Consider the disaster created in New York by Mayor Bill DiBlasio.
  • Look at the number of cops who have been critically injured by the Portland District Attorney, Mike Schmidt.
  • We cannot ignore how cops have been blamed for the problems in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Baltimore and other cities where civilization has damned near crumbled.
  • Don’t think that school boards are immune. Last Saturday, Steven Lysenko of Spencerport High School, went on a tirade against police officers for targeting protesters in Rochester by yelling, “Fuck the Police!”
  • Last, but most important, is the top job: the Presidency. Electing Joe Biden would have a horribly deep, permanent and (in some cases) fatal effect on every cop in the nation.






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