Get your message out to the online world of Street Cops.

CopBlue offers online advertising packages to fit every budget. Choose from various ad placements and sizes as shown on this page, and choose from desired campaign flights ranging from 1 month to 1 year.

The particular ad sizes and placements available have been statistically shown to be the best for getting attention and providing results, according to Google AdSense.  Each ad placement also includes a link of your choice to bring visitors to exactly what you want them to see next.

As for site traffic, CopBlue has an average of 30,000 page views per month and is growing rapidly.  All content is targeted directly to street cops. So even at the most premium $189 advertising options, our advertisers are reaching this specific targeted audience for only 0.0063 per impression.

CopBlue will supply you with a monthly audit showing how many times your ad was seen (impressions) and how many times it was clicked (results). So you can be certain of your return on investment.


Ad Size Placement Monthly Yearly
970 x 90 Top-of-page banner (on all pages) $189 $2041
360 x 280 Top-right-column block (on all pages) $189 $2041
970 x 90 Footer banner (on all pages) $149 $1609
680 x 120 In-page, after 5th paragraph (article pages) $119 $1285
360 x 280 Mid right-column block (on all pages) $119 $1285
680 x 120 In-page, middle of article banner (article pages) $79   $853
680 x 120 In-page banner, at end of article (article pages) $59   $637
360 x 280 Bottom-right-column block (on all pages) $59   $637

Added options

Premium placement options and volume discounts are other options with consideration.

Start now!

To send us your ads, and get your campaign started,  please contact Brandon Cruse  in  our Advertising office to discuss how CopBlue can best serve your organization.