Our Focus


“Above all, it’s about going home at the end of the shift … “

We couldn’t agree more.

CopBlue was created by Street Cops for Street Cops. Working the streets has always presented threats to those who wear the Uniform. We understand and strive to save lives.

Threats vary widely. Some inflict physical pain, injuries – even death. Others create emotional scars that are hobbling and steal a person’s ability to pursue a normal and happy life.

In 2020, we lost 307 in Line of Duty deaths (107% increase from 2019). We lost an additional 173 of our Brothers to suicide (28% drop from 2019). That is unacceptable.


CopBlue is here to save just ONE life … the next one.


Our editorial content deals heavily with the two greatest threats to American cops today:    Suicide  and  Failed Leadership. Both are a plague on our family in Blue. Both can (and do) kill our Brothers and Sisters.

We are a safe haven for any officer who needs an ear. We are someone who will just listen – a brother cop who reminds every officer that they are not alone. And, they never will be. We are an arm to lean on, a shoulder to cry on and a place where you know you are loved – as our Brother. We try to help cops over the rough spots. Nothing magic; nothing complicated just plain Brotherly love.

We also talk with our fellow officers about tactics and gear showing them how to use it safely out on the streets. Finally, fitness and health are discussed regularly because when the shit hits the fan, we must be able to fight and win.

CopBlue is written in the language of street cops. Authors are encouraged to be frank and speak openly. CopBlue is run by cops, rather than politically-correct corporate executives on Wall Street.

CopBlue tries not to offend. However, if a reader is put-off at something written here: Get Over It.  

New and experienced authors are welcome at CopBlue. If you have an article you would like to contribute, send it along.  We thrive on sharing different points of view.

We are but one family. We live and die, together.



Our Mission


It is our mission to save just ONE life.

We intend to save that ONE life every day.


Above all, it’s about going home at the end of your shift.

We couldn’t agree more.


CopBlue is focused on the Street Cops of America.

It starts with me. I will care for and love my Brother  —

Every hour of every day.