On 10/14/2019, Officer Thomas J. Bomba reportedly succumbed to gunshot wounds that were sustained on duty.  The details are still being sorted out as this is being written.

Officer Bomba was with the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland.  Officers from his department and many more are mourning his loss.  They are having a day of mourning.

That’s ONE HUNDRED, SEVEN officers, year-to-date.  ONE HUNDRED, SEVEN officers lost in the line of duty.  Who’s next?   Me?   You?   Maybe someone close to us that we know and love?

How do we stop it?   How can we stop it?  If we could stop it then what’s our plan of action?



That’s a lot of questions that none of us can answer honestly.


When we lose an officer who is close to us, we don our mourning ribbon, placing it over our badge. How long we wear them varies, but could be up to thirty days.  We pay our respects to those we lost.

There have been a lot of articles on this topic: the loss of our brothers and sisters.  I’ve written about it previously, as well.

It just seems nowadays we are always wearing mourning ribbons.

Somewhere, some officer is wearing one on for a fallen brother.

Should we just have our badges made with the mourning ribbon permanently affixed?

I sure hope not!

I think it would be giving up any hope that we can stop, or at least reduce, the “Line of Duty Deaths.”  I think it would be silent acceptance that a certain number of officer deaths are acceptable.



ZERO is the only number of law enforcement officer deaths which is acceptable.

Where should we focus when we try to prevent (or reduce) the number of dead cops?

Should we have more situational awareness, or perceived threat training?  Without question, keeping our tactical edge under all circumstances is paramount.

“When an officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation,” said Chris Cosgriff, founder of the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP).

Losing a cop in the line of duty for me, is losing a Brother. His blood family, e.g. wife, children, parents, etc. hurt worst of all. There are no words which can ease the pain. It is our prayer that they will be held in God’s hands and will receive His blessings.


For his family in Blue, it is different. Studies have been done and show that, on average, it takes about ten years for an agency’s officers to recover and get back on an, ‘even keel’ following a line-of-duty death of one of their own. I’ve been there and I agree.



In this world, we have come to accept that there will be some line of duty deaths. It’s a risk inherent to the job. Each one of us recognize that tragic fact.

I wish I could say there is a parallel universe where these things never happen. The reality is that they do happen, and admit that a parallel universe doesn’t exist.  We don’t have precognitive skills that would allow us to have an advanced warning of impending danger – although that would be great.

Every time an officer is killed the loss emits a cascade of reaction.  The reaction depends on which side of the issue you’re on.  Pro-cop people will see it vastly different than anti-cop folks.  There will be an armada of people condemning the death and an equal number saying “It is what it is. They knew what they were signing up for!”

The fact is we live in a polarized society which is constantly evolving.



Some of the changes are not for the better.  There are people in the population who are filled with hate and who are willing to kill a police officer in retribution. They are willing to take a life on a moment’s notice, without hesitation.

Cop-haters are incubating in an environment that puts no value on a human life.  They are already out there, and they are trying to perfect their craft: death!

They have no respect for human life, especially a cop’s life.

Taking out a cop would mean nothing to them except that it might be seen as a badge of honor amongst their cohorts.

That ideology must stop, if it doesn’t, we will never have a day without mourning!

At the bottom line, it’s all about saving just ONE life.



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